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The start date for Casa Amor 2023 has been confirmed – and Molly has flown back to Spain!

The drama just never ends!

The start date for Casa Amor 2023 has been confirmed, and apparently dumped Islander Molly Marsh has flown back to Spain ahead of it.

Since Molly was dumped from the Love Island villa last week, there have been loads of rumours speculating she might be back in a shock return for Casa Amor. Now, The Sun is reporting she has flown back to Spain, just days after returning to the UK.

The publication has confirmed filming for the Casa Amor part of the series is beginning tomorrow, and viewers will see it air from this weekend.

A source said: “It’s going to be the most shocking twist yet because the cast have no idea it’s coming – filming starts tomorrow and it’ll be on screen this weekend.

“This year will be explosive as there are barely any solid couples and nobody is official yet. Heads will be turned as the Casa Amor cast are the hottest one yet. Fans won’t want to miss it.”

Casa Amor Love Island 2023 date confirmed

via ITV

Those in the know have been speculating about Molly’s potential return to the show. Winter Islander Olivia Hawkins said “I really don’t think this is the last we have seen of Molly on this year’s show” and added she has a “feeling” Molly will be back for Casa. “Which will be very awkward if Zachariah pursues anything romantic with Kady,” she said.

Plus, Sam Thompson, who is a co-host on the Love Island podcast so very in know, shared on his Instagram story that he thinks Molly will be back for Casa Amor. “I reckon Molly’s back for Casa Amor after Zach has got with Kady,” he theorised.

It’s not yet known if the boys will leave the main villa and go to Casa, or if the girls will make the trip this year. But, what can be guaranteed is lots of drama, scandals and couples breaking up.

Casa Amor Love Island 2023 date confirmed

via ITV

If Molly does return to the show, she’ll be able to confront Zachariah about straight away cracking on with Kady and trying to kiss her, and who knows, Mitch might even try to make it work with her again!

Give it to us now!

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