Wait, people think Made in Chelsea stars Olivia Bentley and Temps are dating?!

I definitely didn’t see this one coming

Guys, people think Olivia Bentley and David “Temps” Templer from Made in Chelsea are dating. Yes, really! The hints are there, and of course people have been working hard to collect them.

In the last couple of seasons we’ve seen Liv and Tristan break up, Tristan crack on with Yas who is now seeing Sam Prince, and Temps break up and make up with Imogen a few times – but that’s all sooooo Corsica now, because the cast has moved on! People on TikTok are convinced Liv and Temps are now dating, and there have been a few subtle hints on Instagram which have fulled the fire even further.

Basically, this all started when a girl posted a TikTok saying her followers had been out and seen the cast of Made in Chelsea, and sent her some photos. She attached the detective, fire and tea emojis to the video, and people went wild for it saying it was about Olivia and Temps. In the comments another user seemed to confirm the rumours, saying her friend had seen Liv and Temps kissing in Fulham.

TikTok claiming Olivia and Temps from Made in Chelsea are dating

via TikTok

Obviously this is all just rumour, but only days later Liv posted a photo on Instagram of her at her family home, and someone who looks suspiciously like Temps was there sat comfortably chatting with her parents.

“Oh Temps is meeting the parents,” someone said, posting the picture in a Made in Chelsea Facebook group.

via Instagram

Anyone who watches Made in Chelsea will know Liv isn’t stingy with inviting friends over the her huge family mansion, so this could mean absolutely nothing, but he is there alone and chatting to her parents. A minor observation, but Temps has also been commenting on Liv’s Instas a lot more recently, too.

Hmmmm. Confirmation needed, please!

The Tab has reached out to both Olivia and Temps’ management for comment. For all the latest reality TV and entertainment news and gossip, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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