Omg, Tyrique’s ex enters the Love Island villa tonight and she announces ‘battle of the Ellas’

She pulls him for a chat and they talk about his head being turned 👀

Tonight’s episode of Love Island looks dramatic, as two more Islanders are sent packing, and new bombshells hit the villa. Plus, these aren’t just any old bombshells, one of them has serious history with Tyrique. I’m shaking!

As the episode begins, the villa is left reeling with Kady, Ouzy, Leah, Montel, Jess and Sammy all left vulnerable around the fire pit awaiting their fate. As the public vote is revealed for the most compatible couple the Islanders “are stunned into silence from the result.”

Then, there’s no time to recover as it’s time to meet Ella B and Josh, the two new bombshells ready to cause mischief in the villa. Making an entrance, both new additions have been given the power to choose an Islander of their choice to take on a date.

Love Island 2023 first look tonight sees bombshell Ella chat to ex Tyrique

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Ahead of entering the villa, new bombshell Ella said she has a “history” with Tyrique, and in the episode tonight she shares more about how they know one another.

Sitting in the garden with fellow new bombshell Josh, Ella says she and Tyrique have previously “chatted and kissed” and they met up “quite recently”. She adds: “I know he’s fully closed off with her [Ella] but they’ve had a few bumps in the road, with me it would be an easy ride.

“Me and him have history, and I feel like if there’s only one person to turn his head it would be me. It’s just going to be the battle of the Ellas now.”

With no time to waste Ella B is quick to pull Tyrique for a chat. Ella B starts by saying: “What’s been going on…maybe it’ll be the battle of the Ellas.” With a cheeky grin on his face, Tyrique responds: “Is that what you want, yeah?”

Ella B says: “Listen, you know I fancy you and I know we get on. And I know you know we get on and I know you fancy me too…It’s mad, I literally saw you a couple months ago, kissing my face.”

Love Island 2023 first look tonight sees bombshell Ella chat to ex Tyrique

via ITV

Is Ella B ready to cause trouble in paradise between Ella and Tyrique? And will their history be enough to turn Tyrique’s head? It’s all kicking off!

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