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Love Island 2023 cast who gained least Instagram followers

Ranked: The Love Island 2023 Islanders who have gained the least followers on Instagram

What was the point in applying?

In the last couple of seasons it’s been harder for the Islanders to gain a mass following on Instagram after the show. Viewing figures have been down, and ITV has forced a social media ban on Islanders, meaning their accounts go silent whilst they’re on the show. For some of the Love Island 2023 cast members this has hit hard – they’ve gained the least followers on Instagram since the show, which nobody can deny, is a big reason people sign up in the first place.

Some of the Islanders from this season only just about have a follower count in the thousands, and those who have the least are all yet to hit the dizzy heights of a six figure following.

Here is a rundown of the Love Island 2023 cast members who have gained the least followers since appearing on the show.

11. Andre Furtado – 63.1k

OG Islander Andre probably deserved better. He lasted just under two weeks in the villa before being dumped, and since has been on loads of podcasts dishing the dirt about the Islanders.

10. Mehdi Edno – 61.4k

Ok, I’m actually pretty surprised Mehdi has only gained 60k followers from the show?! He was an OG Islander and had a connection with bombshell Whitney, before he was dumped in a shock exit. He vowed to wait for Whitney, who proceeded to crack on with Lochan. It was for the best!

9. Elom Ahlijah – 34.6k

After leaving the villa, Elom broke up with Catherine and went back to building his business empire alone. He was probably hoping for a few more Instagram followers to push the empire on, as he shares a lot of his fitness videos on there. He’s got over 34k followers since the show.

8. George Fensom – 37k

George was the first Islander to be dumped this year, which is always a sad title to have. He was only in the villa for four days, and now has 37k followers.

7. Charlotte Sumner – 35.2k

Charlotte was only in the villa for four days, so it’s no surprise she’s among the Love Island 2023 cast members who gained the least Instagram followers. She was a bombshell alongside Leah, and now has just over 35k to show for it.

6. Gabby Jeffery – 32k 

Gabby was one of the Casa girls, and out of those who didn’t make it back to the main villa, hasn’t actually done too badly. She has 32k followers now, which comparing to previous seasons is still pretty savage.

5. Tink Reading – 30.7k

Despite causing a stir with Montel and Leah, Tink has only gained a following of 30.7k. She joined the show for Casa Amor, and never made it into the main villa.

4. Josh Brocklebank – 26.1k

Josh entered as a bombshell alongside Ella B, but didn’t get nearly as far as she did. He didn’t find love or a connection, and was dumped after just five days in the villa.

3. Zac Ashford – 18.3k 

Zac was also in Casa Amor and never made it back to the main villa, so he can’t complain at 18.3k really, can he?

2. Danielle Mazhindu – 9.7k

Every year there is a Casa Amor Islander who goes missing, and this year it was Danielle. So I have no shocks here that she’s one of the Islanders who gained the least followers, with a following of just under 10k now.

1. Benjamin Noel – 5k

He might not have seen a peep of the Grafties, but the award for the Islander who gained the least followers from the show goes to Casa Amor’s Benjamin Noel. No, I’ve never heard of him either.

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