‘It’s all love with Scott’: Catherine and Elom spill all after shock Love Island dumping

‘This wasn’t something I saw coming at all’

Last night all the drama of the show was saved for the last five minutes. Out of nowhere, the Islanders received a text saying the public had been voting for the least compatible couple, and before they could gather around the fire pit, Catherine and Elom were told their Love Island 2023 journey was over.

The gasps were heard across the villa, and Catherine and Elom were clearly very taken aback by the decision made by the public. Little did they know, as soon as they’d walked out the door, the villa had another text revealing the dumping was far from over.

Here’s everything Catherine and Elom had to say after they were sent packing from Love Island 2023.

Catherine and Elom leave the Love Island 2023 villa following being dumped

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How do Catherine and Elom feel about being dumped from Love Island?

Catherine said she is “sad to be leaving everyone” as she’s “genuinely made friends for life in the villa”. She added: “I’m happy to be leaving with Elom. Not everyone gets the chance to find someone that they have a connection with, so I can’t wait to continue what we have on the outside.”

Elom said he has “mixed emotions” about leaving, but is happy to be doing so with Catherine.

‘I was shocked, me and Elom are so compatible’

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It was a shock for us how the dumping played out, and Catherine and Elom have said they were both really surprised as well. When asked if she was shocked, Catherine said: “Massively, It wasn’t something I saw coming at all. When I heard our names I was shocked because I know what me and Elom have is genuine and we are so compatible.”

Elom added: “I was really shocked because Catherine and I have such a strong connection, everyone in the villa could see that which is why I think everyone was so surprised with the result. It is Love Island though, so you have to expect the unexpected.”

Do Catherine and Elom have any plans together for after Love Island?

Now their Love Island journey is over, Catherine and Elom have said they plan to continue things in the outside world. “Now we’ve left the villa together, I think our connection is only going to flourish and get stronger,” Elom said. “Catherine is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I feel like we’ve been getting closer every single day.”

Catherine added: “Elom and I have something special so I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Catherine and Elom leave the Love Island 2023 villa following being dumped

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So, is there any beef with Scott?

The question everyone wants answered is whether there is beef with Scott, following his relationship with Catherine going sour. Right now it feels as though there’s a big villa divide with Scott, but Catherine said there’s no bad blood there.

“My connection with Scott was good, we bonded over living in Ireland and it felt right at the time but everything happens for a reason and we weren’t meant to be,” she said. “It’s all love with Scott, we left on great terms.”

Who do Catherine and Elom think will go on to win Love Island 2023?

When asked who she thinks could go all the way and win, Catherine said either Tyrique and Ella, or Whitney and Lochan. Elom also said Whitney and Lochan, and said: “Having seen the dynamic between all of the couples in the villa, what they have is unique which really stands out.”

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