Wait, is ITV dropping major hints Molly hasn’t actually been dumped?!

I need this to be true!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from the shocker of a Love Island weekend we’ve just had. In the space of a couple of episodes the entire villa has been turned upside down, and now people are saying ITV is trying to subtly hint Molly Marsh has actually NOT even been dumped from Love Island?! I need a rest.

The end of last week saw what has been called the biggest twist in Love Island history. Season two’s Kady McDermott was dropped off in the villa, and in less than a day she had to pick a boy to steal. She chose Zach, leaving Molly single and instantly dumped.

Of course, Molly has been a huge character this series, so people questioned if there was going to be another twist which meant she hadn’t actually been dumped. Is she coming back for Casa? Was she going to be held in a secret second villa?

We’ve seen her exit now, and interview on Aftersun, so the latter is probably out of the question, but there are hints she might be coming back still.

If you head over to Love Island’s official Instagram account, it has highlights for each Islander this series. The dumped Islanders have had their pictures shaded over, but Molly… hasn’t. People are saying this is the most subtle hint that Molly has not actually been dumped from Love Island, and will be back later on.

Hints Molly Marsh has not been dumped from Love Island 2023

via Instagram

Why would they do this unless it was because they wanted us to spot it?

Plus, Sam Thompson, who is a co-host on the Love Island podcast so very in know, shared on his Instagram story that he thinks Molly will be back for Casa Amor. “I reckon Molly’s back for Casa Amor after Zach has got with Kady,” he theorised.

Hints Molly Marsh has not been dumped from Love Island 2023

via Instagram


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