‘The timing wasn’t right for me’: Ruchee shares all as she’s dumped from Love Island 2023

She wishes she’d not been so ‘tunnel visioned’ with André

Last night saw Ruchee dumped from Love Island 2023, and have to swiftly make her villa exit. After a dramatic shock recoupling, Ella and Ruchee had been left single, and their fellow Islanders voted for Ruchee to leave.

She might not have been in the villa for very long, and didn’t find a connection with anyone, but in her Love Island 2023 exit interview, Ruchee has shared all about her experience. She’s reflected on how she feels, her best times on the show, and who she’s backing to win. Here’s what she had to say.

Ruchee makes her exit and she is dumped from Love Island 2023

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‘I thought Ella was going to be saved’

The Islanders having to choose who gets dumped is always dramatic, but Ruchee has said she did see this coming. Speaking of how she feels about being dumped, she said: “I thought that I would be disappointed, but I’m not because I tried my best and I was myself. It didn’t work out for me and that’s completely fine.”

She said she thought Ella was going to get saved “because she has a connection in there”, and if Ella hadn’t she “would have probably even nominated myself to go.”

“I’m so happy that they chose her,” Ruchee added. “I would want her to continue her journey. I’ve built a really good relationship with the girls and I’m such a girls’ girl. I’m glad I got to experience being in the villa. Coming from an Asian background, I did it for my community – represent! My journey was short, but it was sweet, so I’m happy.”

She added she “wasn’t really surprised” to be dumped over Ella, as “her and Tyrique have been doing so well.” She said: “Obviously the public put them together and I feel like they’re a good match. We’ve seen Tyrique and Ella both blossom and get really comfortable with each other, just because a bombshell has come in I don’t think they’re done.”

Ruchee makes her exit and she is dumped from Love Island 2023

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How does Ruchee feel about André and Catherine cracking on?

Ruchee had previously been coupled up with André, who instead chose to pursue things with Catherine after the recoupling. “I do feel like in there you’re in there for yourself and I completely understand where André was coming from,” Ruchee said.

“The timing might not have been right for me, but it was right for him as things didn’t go well for Catherine and Zach, so he wanted to try again. I do understand and I do get where he is coming from. But obviously I was slowly starting to open up to him so I was a bit disappointed.”

She said she “completely” supports André and Catherine now, and wouldn’t have wanted to be someone’s second choice. “You’ve got to do you at the end of the day,” she said, and added André hadn’t really previously told her he was interested in Catherine. “I just want everyone to be happy.”

Would Ruchee have done anything differently?

Ruchee makes her exit and she is dumped from Love Island 2023

via ITV

Following her exit, Ruchee said she wouldn’t have done anything during Love Island 2023 differently. But, she did say she wishes she hadn’t “been so tunnel visioned” with André.

“At the time I wasn’t feeling anyone else,” she said. “I’m such a one person at a time… even though I was telling everyone to get to know everyone else. I don’t take my own advice! But no regrets, honestly. I enjoyed my time in there and it was a great experience.”

So, which Love Island 2023 couple does Ruchee think are most genuine?

The big question: Who is Ruchee backing to go all the way and win the show? “I’m definitely rooting for Medhi and Whitney. Whitney really saw the vision from the start.”

“I’m rooting for Tyrique and Ella as well,” she said. “They’re so cute together. They’re like naughty school kids that like each other and flirt with each other. André and Catherine I think will do well, I feel like they’re each other’s type.”

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