Guys it’s the end of an era, Julius has officially quit Made in Chelsea

He’s now the second cast member to say he won’t be back in new episodes

No matter what you think about him, Julius Cowdrey is a character on Made in Chelsea. His cringe outings with the “bicep trio” are toe-curling, and his petty feuds with Sam Prince are slightly iconic. But now, Julius has called it a day and quit his Made in Chelsea life.

He has officially confirmed he will not be heading back to the show again, saying that receiving death threats online was partly the reason behind moving on. Speaking on Johnny Seifert’s Secure The Insecure podcast, Julius said he’s seen some pretty threatening things about him online, including people saying they wanted to “run him over with a car.”

“My god, when you first receive online abuse based on your actions and it’s been edited, it’s really tough,” he said. “I’ve seen some awful things – It’s not very nice.” He said he will now be focusing on his life coaching business, and life with girlfriend, Georgia May Salamat.

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Talking more about his decision to quit, Julius said Made in Chelsea is “short lived” and it is “a good time to go” now. “Everything with Made In Chelsea is short-lived, nothing is long-term, apart from maybe the friendships you form,” he said.

“I looked at my life after I’d just turned 30 and I’d been to all these amazing countries for filming and thought, now is a good time for me to go. I need to focus all my energies on things that actually I’m going to do for the rest of my life. I’m also in a relationship as well now and I’m really happy. Does my life exist on the show anymore? I don’t think it does.”

This comes after Miles also heavy-hinted his time on the show is a thing of the past. Miles said he’s “sick” of being shown as the fuckboy character in the series and has had conversations with production about leaving the show next year.


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