A rundown of everyone who’s left Love Island 2023 so far, and what they had to say

What was the name of that guy who was dumped first again?

Within days of them being dumped, you forget everyone who’s left Love Island – I can’t even remember what the first Islander who was sent packing from the 2023 series did whilst he was in the villa.

In recent series, Love Island has been much more brutal with getting rid of Islanders, and there seems to be more dumpings than ever. Some Islanders literally get a foot in, and end up being kicked out within a matter of days.

Here is a recap of everyone who’s left Love Island 2023 so far, and what they had to say about their exit. This article will be updated as more Islanders get dumped!

George Fensom

Who's left Love Island 2023 and Islanders who have been dumped so far

via ITV

I already can’t remember him, but George was the first Islander to be dumped this series. He was coupled up with Jess by the public, but ultimately it didn’t work out for him. “I’ve had an absolute blast,” he said of his experience. “I wish everyone in there the best villa experience and I can’t wait to see them all on the outside.”

He added that he did his best, but there was nobody in there for him. “It’s no secret that all the girls in there are so beautiful and I feel like I did the best I could,” he said. “I tried to build connections but I’m glad I stayed true to myself. I didn’t want to force a connection just for the sake of it.”

Ruchee Gurung

Who's left Love Island 2023 and Islanders who have been dumped so far

via ITV

Ruchee became the second Islander to leave, after a shock recoupling hit the villa. The Islanders had to choose to dump either Ruchee or Ella, after they were both left single, and Ruchee’s villa journey came to an end.

“I thought that I would be disappointed, but I’m not because I tried my best and I was myself,” she said. “It didn’t work out for me and that’s completely fine.” Following her exit, Ruchee said she wouldn’t have done anything during Love Island 2023 differently. But, she did say she wishes she hadn’t “been so tunnel visioned” with André.

Speaking of who the most genuine couples are, Ruchee said: “I’m definitely rooting for Medhi and Whitney. Whitney really saw the vision from the start. I’m rooting for Tyrique and Ella as well. They’re so cute together. They’re like naughty school kids that like each other and flirt with each other. André and Catherine I think will do well, I feel like they’re each other’s type.”

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