Then and now: The huge transformation Kady McDermott’s had since Love Island season two

She’s been open about having cosmetic surgery after the show

It’s happened! Kady McDermott has rejoined the cast of Love Island, and since the first time we met her, she’s had a huge transformation.

Kady was 20 when she first appeared on the show in season two, and now seven years later, is 27 – so it’s safe to say she’s changed a lot. She’s changed up her entire look, and has been open about cosmetic work she’s had done in the past. Kady has also reflected on how she’s changed and grown up as a person since her original villa days.

Kady McDermott in Love Island season two

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Kady McDermott has had a huge transformation since she was first on Love Island

Kady McDermott was on Love Island season two, in 2016. Since then, she has been open about having cosmetic surgery. She’s had a boob job, lip fillers and veneers on her teeth.

She spoke in 2019 about a previous boob job which was “wonky”, and said she had implants she had added in Turkey removed. “I finally had my horrible massive wonky breast implants taken out from my procedure last year in Turkey,” she said at the time. She had those implants replaced with new ones, after saying the previous ones were affecting her ability to workout and sleep comfortably.

Kady said: “In Turkey they put 365cc [sized implants] in (I was a 30E!). I’m only a size six and 5ft3 so you can only imagine how stupidly big they looked one me! I now have 275cc so I’ll be a 30C/D.” She admitted she didn’t do any research the first time around, and went for a cheap and quick option abroad.

“Plastic surgery is such a personal thing and if someone wants to do it they should, but it’s up to the person at the end of the day,” she told The Sun. “I’m signing bikini deals and doing a lot of bikini modelling and I’ll feel more confident with them done.”

Kady McDermott after Love Island season two and her huge transformation

Kady now, via Instagram @kadymcdermott

As she joined the cast of Love Island 2023, Kady McDermott reflected on her personal transformation too, and said she’s much more “emotionally mature” when looking for love now. “I am more mature [since season two],” she said. “I’m still the fiery pocket rocket, but I know what I want and what I don’t want.”

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