Two men appear to attempt to break into Ekin-Su and Davide’s home whilst they’re on holiday

The pair are on holiday in the Maldives for Davide’s birthday

Two men have appeared to attempt to break into the home Love Island winners Ekin-Su and Davide share whilst they are away on holiday together. Right now, the couple are in the Maldives celebrating Davide’s 28th birthday.

Sharing CCTV footage from outside their front door, Davide seemed to hint the men pretended to be maintenance workers in attempt to gain access to the home, and said police are now looking into the incident.

Posting screenshots of the apparent attempt to break into the flat he shares with Ekin-Su, Davide said: “We did not expect no maintenance when we are in Maldives! So stay far from our house motherfuckers. Police is after you, fuck you piece of shit”.

Men appear to break into home of Davide and Ekin-Su

via Instagram @davidesancli

The pictures show what looks like two men, in jackets with high-vis strips on, standing in a hallway. Ekin-Su shared the post to her story, too.

The couple have been in the Maldives celebrating since last week, and earlier in the trip Davide said: “Less than 24 hours and I already decided I don’t wanna come back 😬 I’m in heaven 🤩🇲🇻”.

It was reported the couple moved in together into a home in Essex in October last year, around two months after they won the 2022 series of Love Island. Asking her to move in with him, Davide brought a tiramisu out to Ekin-Su at a restaurant with “moving in?” written in chocolate sauce.

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