Old pics of Brad from Married at First Sight have resurfaced and his transformation is wild

Him without his tattoos is basically a different person

Right now everyone is talking about Brad from MAFS, and mainly for all the wrong reasons, because he’s been kicked off the show following his behaviour towards Shona. But amongst all of this, old pictures of Brad from way before the Married at First Sight UK experiment have resurfaced, showing the huge transformation he’s had ahead of the show.

The big shocker here is seeing Brad without his tattoos. On the show he has inked his face, and pretty much all of his neck is covered in tattoos. In the pictures his skin is without these, and he looks totally different.

Brad Skelly before and after Married at First Sight UK transformation

via Instagram @bradskelly

The photos are from his Instagram account, and date back to around 2014 and 2013. He’s 27 now, so the photos would be from when he was about 18. From his posts then you can see he was very much in her party era – DJing and going to house events and festivals all the time.

Brad has had a complete hair transformation, and appears to be without the shining bright teeth he has on Married at First Sight UK now.

Brad Skelly before and after Married at First Sight UK transformation

via Instagram @bradskelly

Brad has a number of different face tattoos now, that mean a lot of different things. One is the aum (or Om) symbol, which symbolises the universe and ultimate reality. It represents the sacred sound of aum, which is the symbol of oneness in Hinduism and other religions. In the west, it also represents yoga, spirituality and feelings of inner peace.

The red tattoo on the left-hand side of Brad’s face is the Punjabi word for strength. It can be interpreted as both inner and outer strength.

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