Sponsored Instagram posts with the cast of winter Love Island 2023

It’s time! Here are the most tragic sponsored posts from the winter Love Island 2023 cast

Ron and Lana did an advert for WKD on the day their breakup was announced

It’s taken them a while for them to get into it, but finally the winter Love Island 2023 cast are doing exactly what they went into the villa for – the god awful sponsored Instagram posts afterwards.

Wait, you thought this was a dating show about love? Don’t be silly! The Islanders are really looking forward to collabs with PrettyLittleThing, giveaways with random designer outlets and posing drinking WKD on a Tuesday night at home in front of the telly.

The winter cast have really done us a solid with providing some cracking adverts since the villa and honestly, I truly feel inspired to buy all of these things now. Here’s a roundup of the very best.

Tanyel and Zara – WKD

Just days after they’d been dumped from winter Love Island 2023, Tanyel and Zara were straight on the sponsored posts. They jumped on one together, advertising alcohol brand WKD, before the show was even over. “We had a fab night watching these epic dates with WKD,” Tanyel and Zara said, about watching an episode of winter Love Island 2023.

Tanyel – Designer haul competition

Tanyel also did the classic of posing in front of a pile of designer goods for a giveaway. A classic!

Jessie – PrettyLittleThing

You might be here thinking an advert with PrettyLittleThing is quite standard, and not at all tragic. But what makes Jessie’s have that edge, and is also a little bit iconic, is that she had the sheep from Will’s farm join the party, too. I’m living for it.

Spencer – Jumbo condoms

Spencer wasn’t on the show for very long, so you have to rate him for leaving the villa and securing the bag. He kept it on brand, as when he was in the villa it was revealed his job was in the dildo sector, and after the villa did an advert for condoms.

However, he must of himself not wanted to keep this as his image, as the post used to be joint with the brand, but Spencer has since removed himself from it. Awkwardly, the caption is still in first person from his perspective – we see you, Spenny.

“Get ready to level up your protection game,” was the caption of the competition advert with Magnum Condoms UK. “I’m partnering with @magnumcondoms_uk to give one lucky follower the chance to win some exciting prizes. Because staying safe should always be a win-win.”

Casey – Disco ruggers at Twickenham

If you’d have told me Casey was going to be the one to dress up in disco gear and do some Night Fever poses on Twickenham’s pitch all for money I’d have probably said, yep – I can see that. He was straight there at the chance to collab with London 7s and Twickenham to give away VIP disco-themed tickets.

He did tag the wrong London 7s account though, which is a bit awks.

Ron and Lana – WKD

I actually can’t believe I’m saying this, but on the very day it was announced they’d split up, Ron and Lana were posting adverts with WKD. You’ve gotta do what you gotta do, I guess? Posting from Casa Amor, Ron did a joint post with the Love Island sponsors, which said: “Thanks for having us WKD, cheers!”

Olivia – Subway

What kind of chokehold does Subway have on our beloved Islanders? I simply need to know. Any new product or big event put on by the kings of footlongs and the Islanders are THERE. This time it was Olivia Hawkins, who spent her actual birthday celebrating Subway’s latest launch.

This included her posing on a bed with a Subway breakfast sandwich as a whole crew of people took pictures of her. Incredible.

Ryan – Mouthwash

Did you want to see Casa Amor Ryan chugging mouthwash down his throat, straight from the bottle? You’re in the right place!

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