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Tyrique gets his head turned by Casa Amor’s Amber after she reveals her dad’s a footballer

Tyrique, it’s been ONE DAY

In tonight’s episode of Love Island Tyrique is set to get his head turned by Casa Amor bombshell Amber, after she reveals her dad is a footballer. And there was us thinking Tyrique saying he was closed off actually might have had some substance behind it.

When the new girls entered the main villa, they sat down with the boys and Tyrique was the only one to declare he was “closed off” in his relationship with Ella, so not wanting to get to know anyone new. However, in a teaser for the episode later tonight, it looks as though Amber is on her way to change that.

She reveals her father is Chelsea legend Dennis Wise, and of course Tyrique is a semi-pro footballer himself, so this straight away perks his interest.

Love Island 2023

via ITV

As their conversation unfolds, Amber tells Tyrique that football is a big part of her family and they are big Chelsea FC supporters. Questioning why Amber is a Chelsea fan, she says: “My dad played for Chelsea.” Clearly impressed, Tyrique asks: “Really? Who is he?”

Amber replies: “Dennis Wise…” Tyrique asks: “Your dad’s Dennis Wise? Is he actually? That’s sick…I can see the resemblance. He’s not bad looking though, he’s a good looking geezer! You’re pretty as well…”

ITV has then teased: “With Tyrique the only boy to raise his hand when asked who is closed off, will Amber be able to tempt him back to the game?”

Also in the episode, the Islanders play “Raunchy Races” – the typical Casa game where the two villas go head to head to snog people the quickest. The boy with the most tattoos is asked to kiss the girl he fancies the most, which means Tyrique is up, and guess who he chooses? Amber.

Ella is also giving into temptation, and looks as though her head is being turned by Ouzy!


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