Say hello to Jane: The 20-year-old Parisian showjumper who’s joining Made in Chelsea

She’s been on reality TV before

It’s been a long time coming, but MIC is back! This summer the Made in Chelsea cast is hitting Corsica, and a new girl called Jane has joined them.

The show is going to be full of drama – with promised betrayals, tears, new relationships and a huge dinner party argument. It’s giving old school Made in Chelsea, and I’m here for it.

Hopping straight into the drama is new face Jane Amber Aubrun-Mautin, who is one of two people joining the cast in Corsica. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Jane Amber Aubrun-Mautin from Made in Chelsea Corsica

via E4

Jane is 20, and was born and raised in Paris

Jane Amber Aubrun-Mautin is a 20-year-old professional showjumper who lives in Bordeaux, but was born and raised in Paris. She moved to the south of France for the “better weather”, which is fair enough.

Jane is joining Made in Chelsea: Corsica, and already knows Miles

Jane is currently single, and you guessed it – has caught the eyes of our very own Miles Nazaire. Joining the show, Jane already knows Miles as they went on a date in London just before the cast jetted out to Corsica – so she decided to come along to see what could happen.

Spoiler alert: It definitely doesn’t work out, as Miles is now loved-up with a new girlfriend in London.

She has 89.4k followers on Instagram

Jane has nearly 90k followers on Instagram, and shares loads of selfies and pictures of herself on holiday. As a showjumper, Jane travels the world, and her Instagram definitely reflects this. She’s recently checked into Menorca, Ibiza, south France and New York.

Made in Chelsea isn’t the first time Jane has been on reality TV!

This isn’t the first time Jane has been on a reality TV show – before Made in Chelsea she appeared on a French reality show called La Villa. She was on the most recent season of the show, which has a distinct Love Island feel to it.

The show sees former reality stars placed in a luxury villa together, and then single members of the public join them and see if they can find love. Geronimo Mörtl, who is also joining Made in Chelsea: Corsica, was also on the show.

Made in Chelsea: Corsica will begin on Sunday, 13th August at 9pm. For all the latest reality TV and entertainment news and gossip, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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