All the times Islanders are allowed to break the strict alcohol rules in the Love Island villa

And yes, they do get punished if they break them at any other time

It’s universally known the Love Island villa comes with strict alcohol rules for the Islanders – but there are some very rare times when things change and they can break, or more bend, these restrictions. Overall, the Islanders are allowed one drink, sometimes two, a night.

A spokesperson for the show once said: “We provide our Islanders with all of the necessary precautionary measures and all alcohol consumption is strictly monitored by our production team.”

There is a strict limit per night for the contestants, and the first drink is usually something communal like the bottles of prosecco we often see them with. There’s a limit on what the Islanders can drink, with only beer and wine on the menu – apart from the communal fizz bottles. Drinks are pre-poured for the Islanders too, so there is absolutely no risk of anyone going over their designated amount.

So when are things allowed to get a little bit loose, if ever?

On Movie Night, Islanders are allowed more alcohol

Are Islanders ever allowed to break Love Island alcohol rules?

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Every year since it was introduced, Movie Night has been messy. And this is probably because there’s a little more drink involved. 2022 Islander Danica Taylor has revealed to OK Magazine that, although Islanders are usually only allowed one drink per night, on Movie Night contestants are given extra.

“I think producers did give us a second drink later though – probably to take the edge off after all the drama,” she said. “When you see the Islanders with prosecco and pints in front of them during the clips, only the first drink is actually an alcoholic one,” Danica clarified.

During first dates, the drinks are flowing

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2017 Islander Jessica Shears confirmed alcohol is very restricted, but said there’s an ocassion where Islanders are given a little more to “loosen up” – first dates.

“One-on-one dates would always have more booze though, especially a first date – they wanted to loosen you up a bit and be more flirtatious,” she told Cosmopolitan.

If it’s a ‘long night’ or there’s more drama, Islanders are allowed more alcohol

2019’s Amy Hart said it’s strictly one drink per night in the villa, but two if it’s “a long night”. Liana Isadora Van-Riel, who was on the 2016 show, added that on a “big night” Islanders will have a couple of drinks.

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What happens if Islanders break the alcohol rules?

So, is this rule actually policed? In short, it is yeah. When asked in a Q&A if Islanders would steal alcohol from others who weren’t drinking, Amy said: “No and they tell you on the first day that if you do get caught giving your drink to anyone then everyone gets banned from drinking for five days, so you’ll let everyone else down. Don’t do it.”

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