Love Island 2023 finalists talk matching tattoos, moving in together and Dubai holidays

They’re all moving so quickly!

After eight long weeks in South Africa, Love Island 2023 has drawn to a close. We saw Kai and Sanam crowned as the newest winners, taking home the Love Island prize fund after beating the other 2023 finalists in the public vote.

The couples have only experienced the intense relationships they built up whilst in the villa, so now it’s time for them to live in the real world again, and see if they really can go the distance. In an interview since the final, they’re talking about what’s next, and have even mentioned moving in together, romantic holidays and plans to get tattoos.

Here’s everything the Love Island 2023 finalists have said is on the horizon for them and their new relationships. It’s all moving very quickly!

The Love Island 2023 finalists

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What are the Love Island 2023 finalists most looking forward to next?

Shaq and Tanya are most looking forward to getting the simple things back, and said they still haven’t even exchanged numbers or Instagrams. They want to “chill for a day” and watch TV together and order food.

Tom and Samie are also looking forward to relaxing together, and said they can’t wait to put on some joggers and chill together. But, the other extreme, Samie said they’ve already planned a trip to Dubai to see Tom’s sister!

There’s apparently a Love Island 2023 cast reunion meal on the cards as well, which is really cute.

Shaq and Tanya are talking holidays and moving in together

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Shaq and Tanya shared she’s is coming to London, where Shaq lives, “straight away” and Tanya said she’s “excited” to meet the rest of Shaq’s family. “We’ve spoken about holidays and got a few in mind,” Shaq said. “Me and my family are going to Jamaica at the end of the year so I’m gonna bring Tanya with me.”

They said they’re heading on some food dates in Manchester, where Tanya lives, and have even spoken about plans for Shaq to move to Manchester in the future. Shaq said they’ve also planned a few double dates with Tom and Samie, too.

Ron and Lana aren’t going to live together yet

Ron and Lana said they both love their hometowns, so don’t want to move in together right now. “We aren’t going to live together straight away,” Lana said. “I love Manchester, Ron loves Essex, we’ve got friends there. We feel like it’s a good thing we’ve got two bases, one up north and one down south.

“We can always be in one of the other and I don’t think just because we’ve got separate bases we won’t spend a lot of time together. I think we’ll always be together in one or the other. It’s just nice we’ve got both options. So I think we’re going to spend a lot of time together either up north or down south.”

Ron and Lana have planned some holidays though

The Love Island 2023 finalists

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When Lana was announced as part of the Love Island cast, it was said she lived in Spain as a child, and can speak Spanish, and this is where they’d like to go together on holiday. They said they want “lots of holidays” and have already set their minds on a few weekends away and trips abroad.

“We want to do Barcelona as we feel like it’s the best of both worlds for us,” Ron said. “After this, we wanna chill but we also haven’t experienced us on nights out and having proper fun.”

‘I’d move anywhere for this girl’

Distance doesn’t seem to be a problem for Tom and Samie, who haven’t said they have concrete plans about where they’ll live, but Tom is definitely committed to moving in together at some point.

“We want to see each other as much as we can,” he said. “Being from different parts of the country we will make it work and compromise. In the future we want to move in together but I think these things are not things you do straight away.” He added: “I’d move anywhere for this girl.”

Samie said: “For now, I will be staying in London and Tom will be staying in Barnsley. It keeps it fresh, it keeps it exciting and gives us a chance to miss each other.”

Tom and Samie have plans to become official

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Apart from winners Kai and Sanam, Tom and Samie were the only Love Island 2023 finalists to not become official in the villa. Samie said they “wanted to save something” for the outside world, and becoming a proper couple is definitely coming. “Of course I want to make Samie my girlfriend,” Tom added. “I want it to be intimate and just me and Samie.”

Tanya has addressed how awkward meeting Shaq’s sister was

During the meet the parents episode, we could all feel the tension between Tanya and Shaq’s sister. She wasn’t playing games at all, and made it clear Tanya had some grovelling to do regarding how she was in Casa Amor.

Speaking about this, Tanya said: “Obviously after Casa Amor it was scary to meet his sister. But I took it on the chest, and I took on what she said. She obviously cares a lot about Shaq and that says a lot about how he is, and if they know he’s a loveable boy it’s obviously confirming what I know about him as well.”

Wait, is a marriage on the cards?!

Ron and Lana were briefly asked if they see wedding bells on the horizon, and Ron said to give it five years! We will be checking back!

The Love Island 2023 cast are getting matching tattoos?!

The Love Island 2023 finalists

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Shaq said the cast have “had the conversation” about all getting matching tattoos to remember their time in the villa, and Tanya added: “I said let’s get the palm tree. Like a little one, because it’s not too much.”

Shaq said: “I’ve got loads of tattoos as it is so it will just blend in. Kai was suggesting we all get little dragons, all the boys, because we all love dragons! But I think we’ll go with the palm tree probably, just to remember this time.”

Ron added that the boys spoke about getting tattoos in the villa, but he’s never had one before so would “probably cry” getting one. He said his mum would “definitely cry” if she saw him with one, too.


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