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These 25 memes about Love Is Blind season four are so good Zack’s singing to them

My toes are curling just thinking about it

It’s that time of year again: Love Is Blind is back, and the memes about season four are on fire. It’s one of those shows we all binge watch simultaneously, make mutual decisions about the cast and drama, and all flock to Twitter to share our thoughts. This is what a real community feels like.

Only the first section of the latest season has been released on Netflix, but already it’s been a wild ride. There have been shock proposals, people falling asleep in the pods, villains coming through, and whoever gave Kwame that damn guitar and told Zack he could sing, I just want to talk.

There have been a lot of talking points, and Twitter loves to talk. Here are all the best memes there have been about Love Is Blind season four so far. Enjoy!

1. I’d back it

2. Her words, not mine!

3. End of

Love Is Blind season four memes

4. I can’t with this, honestly

5. Someone investigate

6. Yes!

7. Why!!!!!

8. Make it stop x

9. Same x