An All Stars couple make it official! Plus an Islander is already running back to their ex?!

The show might be over, but the drama isn’t

Despite Love Island: All Stars having come to an end last week, the drama from the cast is still coming in thick and fast. So, welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2024 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Already, the couples have been hit by split rumours

It’s only been a week, but already a number of the All Stars couples have been struck by split rumours. Firstly people thought Callum and Jess might have broken up for a number reasons, and then the same was happening for Adam and Arabella.

Callum and Jess haven’t spent any time together since the villa, nor have they posted or commented on each others’ socials, and Callum confirmed on a podcast they aren’t an official couple. Arabella and Adam have also been radio silent since the villa, with Adam not even bothering to comment on her selfies. The cheek of it!

But, Toby and Georgia have shared an update in their relationship

Love Island All Stars

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Toby and Georgia seem to be doing alright after their deep, deep history and rekindling in the Love Island: All Stars villa. Speaking to Digital Spy, Toby’s said the couple have planned a date night now they’re back in the real world together.

“You know what, the update between me and Georgia is we’re taking time just to relax, chill,” he said. “We’re now adjusting to coming out, again, with each other and it’s like… We’re in different circumstances than we were before. Now we can actually talk, relax, have fun together.”

He added: “I haven’t actually seen her since landing yet but I am seeing her tomorrow so that’s gonna be fun. And you know what, it’s just nice that we’re probably just gonna relax, enjoy the company of each other… I feel like in the villa we didn’t. We were in the company of each other, but we constantly had to like, battle with people.”

Josh and Sophie have made things official!

Love Island All Stars

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Josh and Sophie are also steering well clear of any break up rumours, and they’ve made things official! Sophie’s sister Rochelle Humes shared the news whilst presenting This Morning, and said Josh had come over to meet Sophie’s family and have a roast at the weekend. Cute!

Anton might be going on Big Brother?!

Speaking on Instagram, Anton has been dropping hints he might be going on Celebrity Big Brother. Speaking about life after the villa and upcoming projects, Anton said: “I’ve got a lot going on at this moment in time. There’s been a few offers now for radio and TV shows which is very early days.”

Celeb Big Brother starts next month, are we about to see him in the house?!

Mitch is apparently already ‘running back to his ex’

via ITV

Chris Taylor has accused Mitch of already “running back to his ex” after being on All Stars. Yikes. During the final, Mitch said since leaving the villa he’s been “trying to get back with his ex”, now speaking to Closer Magazine, Chris has spilled more.

“Mitch didn’t speak about a secret woman in the villa, but after we got kicked out the boys were in a hotel together and we did say to him, ‘What are your plans now?’ and he said, ‘I’m running back to my ex’,” Chris said. “[Mitch] genuinely is being serious, he does want to get back with Katie from Blackpool. I don’t know. She sounds lovely. Apparently she’s not giving him anything.”

Mitch has unfollowed Anton

There’s loads of beef between the cast since leaving the villa behind. Mitch is reportedly in a feud with Anton, and after they clashed in the villa has unfollowed him on Instagram after returning to the UK and taking control of his account again. Of course, Mitch did vote Georgia and Anton as least compatible, so the lads aren’t exactly best mates.

Chris hasn’t followed Adam back on Instagram

Love Island All Stars

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The Instagram swipes continue, as despite following the majority of the All Stars cast, Chris has refused to follow Adam back. Chris was previously coupled up with Arabella, who left with Adam, so maybe there’s a rivalry there?

Marcel has ‘walked out’ on his wife after she ‘cheated on him’

In the wider Love Island world, series three finalist Marcel Somerville has reportedly walked out on his wife and mother of his son amid cheating allegations. She has allegedly been unfaithful by sending nude pictures to a US rapper, and Marcel has left.

A source told The Mirror: “Marcel is absolutely devastated. Rebecca was his life and he’d changed so many things about his lifestyle to make her happy. Everything he did, everything he worked for was for his wife and his son.

“The poor guy feels like he’s in a nightmare and he keeps hoping he’ll wake up. For him to know that Rebecca was telling another man she loves him, and then spent Valentine’s Day with him has completely broken him. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do now but he’s moved out of the family home and is living with friends at the moment.”

Rebecca has not commented.

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