Love Is Blind cast defend Matthew and the ‘fake narrative’ created about him

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Since Love Is Blind season six kicked off everyone has been talking about Matthew, and he has clapped back and called out the show for making up a fake narrative about him. These claims have now been backed up by his fellow cast members.

When episodes first hit Netflix, Matthew was called the worst casting the show has ever had – with how he appeared to interview each of his dates, and not give them any information about him in return. He got more and more toxic as time went on, appearing emotionally unavailable and with a complete lack of intent for the experiment. He was then seen telling girls the same thing, before questioning them on how they implied things.

Another thing that added to people questioning Matthew was right at the start of the show, when he appeared to walk out of the pod mid-conversation with Sarah. She was shown asking if he was still there, after she’d asked him a question.

Matthew has said Love Is Blind season six was fake

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He was called out for being rude, and Love Is Blind itself shared the interaction on Instagram, and said: “Oh no..that’s not..that’s not how conversation works!!”

But then, of course, he left the experiment, and went on to slam the show for his edit. “Key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol-free lifestyle and did the experiment sober,” he said on Instagram, under Love Is Blind’s post about the conversation with Sarah.

“It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning. There were also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character. I look forward to telling my side of the story with the full truth at the appropriate time.”

In a separate comment he called out the “walking out” moment, and said: ““Misrepresentation of the truth, never walked out when a woman was talking.”

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Now, Sarah herself has commented on the moment and defended Matthew, saying this moment was highly edited to look differently to what happened. She said Matthew never walked out on her, despite how much Netflix wants to make it look that way.

When asked about the moment, and if Matthew walked out, she said on Instagram: “Nope, he did not. I’ll let Matt speak on that but we are good.”

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