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Ron and Lana caught in *another* huge ‘argument’ as they claim all is fine since Love Island

Oh no!

Love Island 2023 finalists Ron and Lana have reportedly been caught having another huge argument since leaving the show together. Last week, it was reported they’d had a fight on the plane home from South Africa, so big Love Island producers had to step in. And now, it’s been said they’ve had another.

Being pictured in The Sun before the reunion show, Ron and Lana “exchanged heated words” in the car, fuelling rumours they might be on the rocks since the show. An onlooker said: “They sat in the rain having a heated conversation for around 20 mins before finally going inside.”

Last week it was reported Love Island bosses were forced to intervene in a heated row between the couple as they made their trip home to the UK.

An onlooker said: “Lana and Ron had a furious argument on the plane home – production crew had to step in and calm it down. They were so fuming they refused to film the ‘meeting the family’ part of the reunion show at Heathrow until producers stepped in again. They were due to stay overnight in London together but after the fight they went back to their family homes separately to cool down.”

Addressing the reports from last week on the Love Island reunion, Ron said he had “a few too many bevvies” on the flight. Lana added she had been “caring” for Ron, and admitted it “looked worse than it was”.

Since their string of arguments, it’s been reported Ron and Lana are “on the rocks” already, but they seemed to say all is well in their relationship!

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