This major editing error proves huge Married at First Sight fight was actually staged

Well, what do I believe now?

Last week on MAFS, the show erupted into multiple arguments as it got to its halfway point. But, a major editing error has proven the fight between Erica and Tasha wasn’t all it seemed, and was heightened by Married at First Sight production.

During the scene, a number of cast members were sent on a spa day to discuss their relationships and the ongoing drama. During this, new bride Erica was asked to share some opinions of people in the experiment, but was met by daggers and confrontation from Tasha.

Erica has since called the moment an “attack” and said she didn’t know where Tasha’s beef came from. However, Tasha has defended herself and pointed out how the scene was edited to look a certain way.

During the argument, the cast members were discussing which couples were a good match. Erica said she noticed “sniggering, eye rolling, and looks” coming at her from Tasha, after she’d said she hadn’t seen much of Tasha and her husband Paul together. “You’re probably the person I’ve bonded with the least,” Erica said to Tasha.

Tasha replied: “I’ve started to get a bad energy off of you. Today for starters, you’re having big big opinions. I was like, ‘did she just say that cause I’m sure she’s been here for five minutes’.”

Editing error in fight between Erica and Tasha on Married at First Sight 2023, MAFS UK

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As the mood descended into wild tension, Ella backed up Tasha who then sat up, pointed at Erica and shouted “you fucking do [have bad vibes].” It was a lot!

If you watch the scene back however, you’ll see the clips might not be all they appear, and Tasha spotted it too. “Look at it! One minute Jay’s got a coat on and then she hasn’t,” Tasha said, defending herself over the episode.

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She’s right! One minute Jay is wearing a beige blazer, next just a black top, and then her blazer is back on. This is all within the one take, and seconds of each other. So, it proves huge parts of this “argument” were cut out, and Tasha’s reactions weren’t necessarily to what was being shown to us at the time.

Editing error in fight between Erica and Tasha on Married at First Sight 2023, MAFS UK

via E4

Moments where the fight has been cut are when Tasha responds to things Erica said, and when she pulled faces. Hmmm, now I don’t know what to think!

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