Guys! TikTok famous farmer Will has been confirmed for winter Love Island 2023

What are the sheep going to do without him?

I actually can’t believe I’m saying these words in one sentence, but TikTok farmer Will Young has been announced as an Islander for winter Love Island 2023. Yes, really!

Today, ITV is announcing the full cast for the Love Island 2023 villa in South Africa, and Will has been confirmed as one of the OG Islanders for this series. Will has over one million TikTok followers, where he shows us insight into his Buckinghamshire farm, in particular letting us get up close and personal with his sheep. It really is something.

When asked why Love Island, 23-year-old Will said: “Having grown up on a farm, it’s been quite difficult juggling relationships and work. Love Island will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I’m at the time of my life where I’m mature enough to go and find a wife.”

TikTok farmer Will Young cast for Love Island 2023

via ITV

He said that every night he lights a candle and meditates for 20-25 minutes, after a girl he was seeing told him to – so if the villa is looking for a bit of zen, it’s right here. “I tried it [meditating] and loved it,” Will said. “I stopped seeing her and carried on meditating! It’s a nice way to self reflect, taking a minute on my day/ week. It’s really nice and sets me up for a nice sleep.”

Sticking to his animal roots, when asked by Love Island who would play him in a movie version of his life, Will said Sir David Attenborough. “Imagine hearing his calming voice talking while he’s feeding the animals, his top off, some short shorts… he would rock it,” he said.


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I actually cannot wait to see how he gets on in the villa. All I hope is that the sheep don’t miss him too much, and he’s set up a babysitter for them whilst he’s in South Africa.

Winter Love Island 2023 starts on January 16th. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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