Love Island 2023 Islander Molly Marsh on TikTok

Ranking Molly Marsh’s worst TikToks, from slightly toe curling to all out cringefest

The Femfresh one haunts me

Every single time I open TikTok I am met with Molly Marsh telling me “enough with the taboo!” about Femfresh products. I can even hear the video now just writing about it.

Look, I need to preface by saying I don’t find feminine hygiene cringy – of course I don’t. But that advert really does make me feel some kinda way. It’s just that slightly wrong side of annoying, and I’m pretty sure even Molly herself would own up to that.

That truly is just the start of it – Molly Marsh has a TikTok full to bursting with cringe videos. I have nothing against the girl, she’s clearly making bank posting funny little videos and I’m probably a bit jealous of that, but look, they are annoying. Here’s a ranking of just how annoying they actually are, and which (you might have already guessed it by now) is the stand out worst.

I hope your toes are flexible, because they’re about to be curling!

10. Molly Kardashian


Kardashian’s of Doncaster.

♬ original sound – Angelo

Ok, I kinda have to rate this one because Molly said theatre girlie and pressed RECORD. It’s giving drama.

9. Her dad makes a first appearance


Marshy on the tiktok 😜

♬ JESUS IN BERLIN – nullzwei

I just want to know if Molly Marsh’s dad asked to be part of this, or if she suggested it. He really manages to keep on the timings though, which I have nothing but respect for.

8. Molly in the Love Island villa


Grab love by the horns 💗 @itvx @loveisland #loveisland ad

♬ original sound – Love Island

This is now just slightly cringe, given the addition of hindsight. I bet Molly was so gassed to go to the villa as a content creator, and literally posted this TikTok straight after.

7. This was going so well until the last millisecond


Wait until the end to see the camera man himself!👀 @maisiemarshyy #iamyourmother

♬ Mother – Meghan Trainor

Is your dad alright?

6. I don’t really have any words?

5. The rest of the Marsh family must be freed immediately


The Marsh Family 🏡🧇🫶🏼@maisiemarshyy #wafflehouse

♬ original sound – Jonas Brothers


4. Try not to laugh: Rave edition


Can you tell we have never been to a rave and we dont want to?! 🤪 @maisiemarshyy

♬ Adagio For Strings – Ben Nicky & Distorted Dreams

A hard watch.

3. ‘I’m looking for my friends’


Im looking for my friends… 😆 @maisiemarshyy @Ellie Hinchliffe @Lee Hinchcliffe @Joe Tasker @jack biggs 🤍 #imlookingformyfriends

♬ original sound – 🧃

Someone said: “Imagine Zachariah in this household, I can’t” loooool.

2. ‘I have to do a poo at my boyfriend’s house’


Just dont ask💩

♬ original sound – Bum Bag – Bum Bag

Why is Molly lip-syncing about doing a poo at a boyfriend’s house? I could have lived my life without seeing this. Again, imagine cool and laid back south London Zach sitting at home and watching this? Ummmm.



FEMFRESH! There i said it!!🤪 @Femfresh giving me my everday confidence✨🌸🫶🏼 #femfreshuk #foryoupage #freshtimonials AD

♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

The idea of this video isn’t the least bit cringe at all, promoting taking away the taboo of intimate hygiene. But the execution, boy oh boy the execution. Molly’s facial expressions and how I can somehow hear them truly haunt my dreams. “I CANNOT escape this video,” is the top comment, followed by: “Pls let me and my family go.” I couldn’t put it better myself.

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