Miles speaking about new girlfriend on Made in Chelsea

All the details about the secret girlfriend Miles from Made in Chelsea flew to Canada for

‘Out of all of this, which is going to shock everyone, I fell in love’

On Made in Chelsea, it’s just been revealed Miles is seeing a new girlfriend and he’s headed out to Canada to meet up with her. It all sounds pretty serious, but the show was filmed a while ago, so there have actually been a few updates since filming took place.

If we rewind right back, ahead of this season Miles talked about quitting the show altogether, and said that was majorly to do with seeing someone new and the pressures of having a relationship whilst being on Made in Chelsea. Now, the show has just said he’s jetting out to Canada to meet up with his most recent gal.

So, what is going on with Miles and is he leaving Made in Chelsea for a new girlfriend?

Speaking on his podcast alongside Charlie Radnedge, Miles previously revealed he was seeing someone new and was considering leaving Made in Chelsea to make things more serious. He said the show portrays him as a “fuck boy” and since being in the cast, loads of people approach him on the street and ask him who he’s dating.

In the same podcast, Miles has spoken about having a new girlfriend, or at least someone who he is seeing, who is based in Canada. He’s never shared much about her identity, but did say he was planning a trip there to finally meet up with her in person.

It looks as though this stage of the timeline has lined up with where we are on Made in Chelsea, as this has now been mentioned on the show. However, it looks as though when Miles made the plunge to visit Canada and see her things didn’t work out, as they’ve since split.

Speaking on the podcast, he called the split “raw” and said he thought he had “met someone special” who he shared a “powerful connection” with.

“I met someone two months ago,” he explained. “The second we met, we spoke every single night, FaceTimed every single day. I booked my flights a month later saying, ‘I’m gonna come see you, I’ve got my flight booked in all that.’ Super excited. She was so excited. We were literally like, ‘I can’t believe we’re finally gonna meet after all this chat and it’s going to happen.’

“I stopped everything. I stopped talking to girls. You know, I just naturally felt connected to someone that I knew that I wanted to embrace and feel and finally go, ‘Oh my god, I’ve met someone special.’ You know when you know and I knew way before I even flew to Canada that that was what it was.”

He said the girl “matched his energy” but ultimately it didn’t work out when they met in person. However, he did say it’s not necessarily all over, and he did fall in love with her.

He added: “I can’t help but feel that one day we will meet again and that’s just because it’s still really raw for me and I do massively miss her. But out of all of this, which is going to shock everyone, I fell in love.”

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