‘Toxic and absent’: Mothers of Luis’ children call him out for being on Love Island All Stars

Despite saying on the show he’s a ‘proud father’ Luis’ ex claims he’s only met his son ‘a few times’

Luis Morrison is part of the Love Island: All Stars cast list, and when he’s not in South Africa living in a luxury villa trying to find love, he has two children back home. But, very unfortunately for him, his exes and the mothers of his two kids are less than happy about his being on TV again.

Luis was on the first series of Love Island, and left with Cally Jane Beech. The couple went on to have a baby together in 2017, but announced they had split in 2018. He then went on to date Chloe Elizabeth, who he also has a child with. When Luis entered the Love Island: All Stars villa he called himself a “proud father”, comments that both Cally and Chloe have thrown shade at.

Posting on Instagram as Luis comments’ aired on Love Island, Chloe shared a picture of herself and their little boy Romeo with the caption: “An actual proud parent”. She also posted a selfie with the caption “I mean” with some sarcastic lip-curling emojis. Cally also high-key suggested she thinks he’s anything but a “proud father” posting a confused and long-nosed emoji on her story.

Mothers of children of Luis Morrison from Love Island All Stars speak out

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Chloe Elizabeth has also said in an interview that two-year-old Romeo is more likely to see his dad on the TV than in real life, as he’s “only met him a few times”. She’s also claimed Luis hasn’t paid child support since summer last year, and branded him “toxic”.

“Luis has two kids who he rarely supports, but you can see his lifestyle online,” she told The Sun. “He’s on lovely holidays, drives a nice car, lives in a nice house in a nice area, wearing his designer clothes yet he hasn’t given Romeo any money or support for most of his life. It blows my mind to think if Luis appears in just ten episodes of this series, then Romeo’s seen his dad more on TV than he has in person.”

She added: “In my opinion he’s not a great father figure to his own son, never mind a role model for any young boy. I’m still kind of in disbelief. Seeing Luis on Love Island has brought up some very painful memories.”

Commenting on the situation before entering the villa, Luis said: “Out of respect for my children and their mothers, I do not wish to discuss personal matters publicly.”

His Love Island ex Cally has also spoken a lot about their relationship in the past. Following their split, Cally spoke out about feeling like she’d been taken for a mug, and accused Luis of cheating – which he has denied.

Cally said: “Took Luis back when he cheated on me while I was having his baby with the hopes of saving my family. Problem is it takes two to make one, I do everything for that lil girl. Everyone who knows me knows!”

In another post, she added: “When your ex rants on about wanting you back yet is on every girl going… how embarrassing …. jog on with your stripper I’m just sat here being the shining diamond while u continue to pick up your pebbles …. getting quite a collection ain’t ya.”

When Luis and Chloe split, a source close to the couple told The Sun Chloe felt he was “not making an effort with the newborn baby” and was “always out partying”.

Speaking ahead of the villa about his most previous relationship (assuming it’s about Chloe, but he didn’t confirm), Luis said: “It’s been quite toxic in relationships and what not. Also a distance as well. It wasn’t great; we had good times and bad times, but I weighed up the negatives and positives and there was more negatives than positives.”

He’s now been forced to comment about “abandoning” his two children, when All Stars viewers questioned his choice to go back on the show. In an interview with The Sun, Luis sad: “I think it could be hard but they’ve obviously got their mums there looking after them, and they’re great mums.” Addressing the criticism directly, he added: “There’s not really much to say about it really.”

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