All the best memes about the MAFS dinner party last night

That MAFS dinner party was absolute chaos, and these 25 memes will help you relive it all

If you see this Bianca, I adore you x

Is anyone else still reeling over last night? I don’t think I’ve yet recovered from all that drama in just one hour. The dinner party on MAFS last night was full of straight-up chaos, and whilst all that was going on Twitter was supplying a constant stream of hilarious memes for commentary.

The dinner party descended into chaos when more was revealed about the cheating scandal surrounding Ella and JJ. More became clear about their “connection” and Nathanial kicked off and ended up quitting the show completely, before the people’s princess Bianca said her piece and served up dinner on a plate to JJ. “A connection? From where might I ask?” Poetic.

We should have all really known the episode wasn’t going to end well when Tasha arrived and just randomly called Erica a “tramp” completely unannounced. But, I’m not ready to kiss goodbye to all that carnage. So, here’s a rundown of all the best memes that were posted about the MAFS dinner party last night. Enjoy!


2. This is now my Roman Empire


4. They’ve been serving pure drama

5. We are not worthy!

6. No words will ever describe how much I adore her

7. I mean, truth

8. What the hell was this all about?

9. I present to you the newest nation’s sweetheart

10. There was just no need?

11. Can I sign twice?

12. Not the normal dinner service x

13. No lies told

14. No crumbs

15. Looool he was shaking a lil bit

16. I need a written apology

17. Pls

18. They just wanted a nice meal and some wine!

19. We are watching an actual open fire

20. The moral from this story


22. It was TENSE

23. End OF

24. I fear this will never be resolved

25. What am I going to do until next week?!

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