Inside the wild Halloween parties the cast of MAFS UK 2023 went to this weekend

They all served, I have to say

This weekend was when pretty much everyone celebrated Halloween, and the cast members of MAFS UK 2023 were out in full-force.

When the current cast hang out together, it’s a good way to see who is still on good terms and getting on, and from this weekend’s outings it definitely looks as though there are a few friendships still going strong.

Loads of the cast headed out to a PrettyLittleThing party hosted by TikToker and influencer, GK Barry. The event was held at The Box in Soho, and all of their outfits were a huge vibe. The Haunted Mansion event was also packed with ex-Islanders, Made in Chelsea stars and other influencers.

In attendance from MAFS was Laura, Arthur, Ella, JJ, Tasha, Luke, Peggy and Terence. Most of them went for quite classic Halloween costumes like black latex numbers, cat ears and anything in your wardrobe with the addition of some contact lenses and blood splatters, but they pulled it off.

MAFS UK 2023 cast for Halloween, Married at First Sight

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Ella was dressed as a Victoria’s Secret model, with the angel wings and everything, but in pictures later in the night she’s clearly ditched (or probably lost) the wings. Terence went as Edward Scissorhands.

MAFS UK 2023 cast for Halloween, Married at First Sight

via Hannah Young/Shutterstock

Noticeable absentees included Georges, but on Thursday night he was also in London, but at a different event hosted by Love Island’s Davide Sanclimenti.

Over in Liverpool, Rozz and Nathanial partied with cast members from previous seasons, such as Sophie Brown and Adrian Sanderson. “What a wonderful night with a group of amazing friends!,” Rozz captioned some of the pictures of them together.

As it becomes evidently more clear there’s a feud between the cast, Erica and Jordan were nowhere to be seen at events with their co-stars. Instead, Erica was at an event hosted and sponsored by Tequila Rose, and Jordan has posted some pictures of himself, Erica, Adrienne, Bianca, Nathanial and some previous cast members out at brunch.

Serves all round!

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