Reddit breaks down theories ahead of the Love Is Blind season six weddings and they’re wild

Wait, Chelsea and Jimmy won’t even make it down the aisle?!

When watching a show like Love Is Blind, the best part is seeing what the rest of the internet is saying about the drama – and Reddit for sure has some *thoughts* about season six.

The Love Is Blind Reddit posts about everything and everyone on the show, and nothing goes without deep analysis. So, of course, with the weddings coming up it’s been full of people sharing their thoughts. Users have been predicting dramatic moments, who will say yes, and more importantly: Who will say no.

So, here are all the theories the Love Is Blind Reddit has had about the season six weddings. You might want to sit down, it’s a lot.

AD will have a Deepti moment

Love Is Blind season six weddings

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I still don’t think I’m over when Deepti delivered her speech to Shake at the Love Is Blind season two weddings. For the entire process it had been clear Shake wasn’t into Deepti, or the process at all, and he’d made comments about her weight and personal appearance. Then, at the weddings Deepti gave the most perfect speech about loving herself, and left Shake aptly… shaking.

People on Reddit think something similar could happen for AD, and she’s been prepping a big speech about her self-worth. “I think the editors do a really good job of swaying the portrayal of certain characters for the final edits to either give us a solid ‘yep knew that was going to happen’ or total shock,” a user has theorised.

“So what if all along it looks like AD is the super certain one who is going to say yes and acting like she’s madly in love with Clay. All the while she is actually gearing up to give a final speech about knowing her worth and if a man even thinks for a second he might cheat on her then he can ‘go kick rocks with open-toed shoes’ I actually think he will be the one saying yes.”

‘Jimmy is just waiting to say no at the altar’

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One post on the Love Is Blind reddit forum, aptly named “Jimmy theory”, shares that they believe Jimmy is “waiting to say no” to Chelsea at their wedding and is “biding his time” because he’s “over the experiment.”

“I feel like Jimmy is just waiting to say no at the altar,” the post theorises. “This is pure speculation but I suspect after that huge fight where he said he was walking away and didn’t want to get married to Chelsea, he was told by production that he wasn’t allowed to leave before the altar. After all, they’ve already lost two couples this season.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just biding his time and is over the whole experiment at this point. I could even see that being why he’s polite but not overly flirty with Jess. This experience seems to be miserable for him and I could see him just wanting out.”

Jimmy might say ‘Jessica’ at the altar, just for drama

In the same thread, people have been talking about just how wild it would be if Jimmy really has clocked out, and accidentally says Jessica’s name at the wedding, instead of Chelsea.

One person said: “I am praying that he says the wrong name at the altar; if he slips and says ‘Jessica’ I will absolutely die of uproarious laughter and entertainment.” Same, same.

Love Is Blind season six weddings

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Chelsea and Jimmy don’t even make it down the aisle

Still on the topic of Chelsea and Jimmy, one person has really looked deep into the teaser clip Netflix gave us of the season six weddings, and thinks there was a hint the couple don’t even make it down the aisle.

They said: “Either something is going down next episode right before the wedding and it never happens, or someone says no at the altar. The preview clip shows all the current women fiancés in their wedding gowns but only AD and Amy are actually shown with a clear wedding ceremony going on. Chelsea’s clip was just her when she was trying on wedding dresses with the rest of the girls.

“They also have several Instagram posts dating back to right after filming ended and they only fairly recently started liking each others posts.” Someone replying to this theory said: “I don’t think we are going to see a wedding at all for them.”


‘Clay is not ready for marriage’

Reddit then went into a full discussion of what makes someone “ready for marriage” and one person said they don’t think Clay is, so have predicted there could be some drama at his wedding to AD.

“AD finds herself in a challenging situation with Clay, who is displaying several red flags in their relationship,” the post said. “Despite these warning signs, AD appears reluctant to address them directly. It’s crucial for AD to consider therapy to understand why she consistently chooses partners with concerning behaviours. Similarly, Clay should also seek therapy before fully committing to a relationship. His admission that he can not fully commit to AD suggests that he may not be ready for marriage.”

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One theory thinks AD and Clay will last in the long run

Don’t worry, there are actually some positive theories on Reddit about how they Love Is Blind season six weddings might go. One person said they are “so impressed” at how AD and Clay communicate with each other, and said they “actually take time to listen to the other person, give the other partners space to process in their own time without any pressure.”

They added they “thought it was really sweet the way Clay took over the marriage license application when AD was starting to get overwhelmed about having to mark her father as deceased.” The person said because of this, they will get married and “will last in the long run.”

We’re rooting for Amy and Johnny

Love Is Blind season six weddings

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The overall feel on Reddit is that we’re rooting for Amy and Johnny, as they’re the most pure couple on the show right now. One person said: “I love Amy and Johnny as a couple. They both seem so sweet and understanding and open minded. And they’re both nerdy. Love them! I hope they work out because they’re the only couple I like together and am rooting for!”

We’ll have to wait and see!

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