Whitney and Lochan’s decision has torn the villa in two and Tyrique has some news for Ella

‘I feel it might be the wrong decision. That is just me being honest’

Last night saw a brutal twist in the Love Island villa, as Lochan and Whitney had to decide on a couple to send home, and tonight the fall out from their choice is sending ripples through the villa. Tyrique is also hoping to share some news with Ella tonight.

The Islanders have returned from the Beach Club, after a shock double dumping. Amber and Josh were dumped after recieving the fewest votes from the public, and then as the most popular couple, the other decision was in the hands of Lochan and Whitney.

The two further couples with the fewest votes were Mitch and Ella B and Kady and Ouzy, and Whitney and Lochan chose to dump Kady and Ouzy.

Tonight, Whitney and Lochan arrive back at the villa following their difficult decision. Sitting with their fellow Islanders at the fire pit, Whitney and Lochan update everyone on what happened at the pool party and explain the reasoning for their decision.

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Sammy says: “I’ll be real. You were put in a very difficult decision so I give it to you as that’s a hard thing to do – well done.” Tyrique then says: “I don’t envy you lot – that decision is hard but I feel it might be the wrong decision. That is just me being honest.”

Tyrique adds: “Mitch is still here and I’m happy that he’s here.” Mitch interjects: “It doesn’t sound like it bro, can’t lie.”

The girls later have their own debrief at the fire pit as Whitey further explains the reason for her and Lochan’s decision. Abi says: “Mitch just said yesterday that he has no connection with Ella B and they’re not going to work on the outside world.” Whitney says: “Whoever went home, it would have been a surprise.”

Molly then says: “For me, you’ve done me a favour. I’ve been struggling seeing Kady around with the whole Zach thing.” Ella B later pulls Abi for a chat as she has been left less than impressed with her comment at the fire pit. Can the pair resolve their differences?

Later, it seems Tyrique is now ready to take his relationship with Ella to the next level. Speaking with Sammy and Zach, Tyrique says: “You know how I feel about Ella man. I feel like I’ve known for a while. I’m 100 per cent there bro.”

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Giving the boys instructions, Tyrique says: “I need a little something from you. I need two bean bags at the front of the villa and there are some chocolate strawberries in the fridge. When you come back in, you give me the nod and then I go out with Ella.” The boys agree to help Tyrique with his plan and soon Tyrique heads outside the front of the villa with Ella who says: “What are you doing for me, babe?”

Sitting down on the bean bags, Tyrique says: “Obviously our journey together started on the first day. The last thing I expected was to find someone I really, really genuinely had a connection with. I’m so glad. It’s not been easy but nothing that is worth it comes easy.”

Tyrique prepares to declare his feelings for Ella but does she feel the same way? I’m on edge!

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