Then and now: These are the biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

They look seriously different

The cast of Love Island 2023 are filling all the stereotypes: Loads of them were already influencers before the show, a whole bunch of them had already met before the villa, and the majority of the Islanders have had huge transformations prior to getting cast.

Some of the Islanders have openly spoken out about getting work done ahead of going into the villa, whereas the majority of the cast can credit their glow-ups to ditching cringe makeup trends, saying goodbye to Justin Bieber-esque haircuts, and the gift of time.

Here’s an intense rundown of the biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023.

Leah Taylor

Love Island 2023 cast then and now transformations

via ITV / TikTok

Someone on TikTok dug out old pictures of Leah from when she was much younger, and her change is real. She used to have brown hair, much heavier eyebrows and she followed the same cringe ’00s hair and makeup trends the rest of us did. There’s hope for us all!

Zachariah Noble

via ITV / Instagram @zachariah_noble97

Zach had a huge glow up before Love Island 2023. When Zach was announced as part of the Love Island cast this year, it was said he’s big into fitness, and he’s posted a lot on his Instagram page about progression to where he is now.

Posting about his transformation way before Love Island, Zachariah shared an old photo and captioned it: “Still got a hell of a way to go, but it’s never been about the end goal. The journey is what matters.”

Molly Marsh

Love Island 2023 cast then and now transformations

via ITV / Instagram

Molly Marsh is the Love Island 2023 Islander everyone has been talking about – so it’s no surprise people have gone hunting for old pictures to see her transformation. And, shocker! She’s had a pretty wild one.

Molly is a content creator, drama girlie and influencer – so these days her socials are pretty slick and well put together. But, back in the day, she was victim to dodgy makeup trends and over filtering photos just like the rest of us. As well as this, Molly has said she had veneers ahead of the Love Island 2023 villa.

Kady McDermott

via ITV / Instagram @kadymcdermott

Kady has changed absolutely loads since she was first on the show back in 2016. She was 20 then, and is 27 now. She’s spoken publicly about getting work done in the time between her two villa appearances – including having had a boob job, lip fillers and veneers on her teeth.

Right before the Love Island 2023 villa, Kady had further work done, including Botox, filler and a “five minute nose job” – all said to be worth around £1,000.

Mitchel Taylor

via ITV / TikTok

Old pictures showing Mitchel before Love Island have been circulating on TikTok, and he’s had a classic glow up. From a Man-U shirt wearing, Justin Bieber hair loving teen, to now posting gym videos on Instagram – Mitchel has really come through.

Jess Harding

Love Island 2023 cast then and now transformations

via ITV / Facebook

Old pictures of Jess have cropped up, and she is another Love Island 2023 cast members who has had the most incredible transformation. Some of the pics are from when Jess was around 17, and show her with braces, different hair, and before lip filler.

Further pictures from Snapchat show Jess with thicker eyebrows, also no filler and are clearly from that era of makeup where everyone loved nude lips and loads of highlighter. I feel you Jess, I really do.

via Snapchat

Jess said ahead of her time in the Love Island villa, the cosmetic surgery she had done was Botox, cheek and chin filler, and filler in her lips. She works as an aesthetics practitioner in London, and said working in that industry influenced her decision to get work done herself.

Ella Thomas

via Instagram / ITV / TikTok

Ella has arguably had one of the biggest transformations out of all the cast of Love Island 2023. Her glow up is REAL. In one pic, her vibe is completely different, with a bold red lip and statement eyebrows and makeup, much like how many of us did our faces back in the 2010s. “That does not look like Ella at all,” someone has commented.

Ouzy See

via ITV / Instagram @ouzysee_

Everyone needs to see Ouzy without his hair pinned down. That is all.

Abi Moores

Love Island 2023 cast then and now transformations

via ITV / Instagram @abimooresxox

Abi has loads of old pictures of herself on Instagram, and she looks totally different. In lots of the pics she’s not even blonde! Before the villa, 25-year-old Abi posted a YouTube video of herself getting lip fillers done, saying she’s wanted the procedure done since she was 18, and first started getting them aged 23.

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