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An intense rundown of the Love Island 2023 contestants who are currently beefing one another

There are a LOT

Living with people who you don’t know in an intense environment for eight weeks can lead to a lot of beefing, and the Love Island 2023 contestants know that all too well. We saw them argue and fall out loads on the show, and it looks as though some of their feuds have spilled out into the outside world.

From making petty TikToks about each other, to appearing on podcasts and telling your truths, or not following one another on Instagram – the 2023 Islanders have made their opinions very clear, and we can definitely tell who dislikes who.

Here is a complete, and very much needed, rundown of all the Islanders who are deeply involved in drama since Love Island 2023, and still beefing one another.

The drama between Olivia, Zara and Tanyel lives on and is messier than ever

There was historic beef between Olivia and Zara, who knew each other before the show, and Zara’s Love Island bestie Tanyel has also made it very clear she didn’t get on with Olivia. Their beef has well and truly continued, spilling over into petty TikToks, podcast jabs and comments on social posts.

Olivia’s been saying she knows the “real reason” Tanyel left the villa, and Tanyel and Zara have been shading Olivia further in TikTok videos.

Drinking champagne and eating marshmallows, Zara and Tanyel mouthed to the viral sound “and I’m not saying she deserved it but God’s timing is always right”, which – considering Olivia just had to watch her Love Island ex win the show with somebody else – the internet thought was pointed.

Posting another TikTok together, Zara and Tanyel filmed themselves lip-syncing to the sound, “Bombastic side eye, criminal side eye,” and everyone has filled the comments section with Olivia’s name. Pretty much straight after, Olivia seemingly responded on her Instagram story, where she blew a kiss to the camera and had the song Obsessed by Mariah Carey playing over the top.

Kai has said he’s ‘disregarded’ Tanya

There was some slight beefing between the Love Island 2023 cast members when towards the end of the show, Islanders were asked to vote for least compatible couples. Tanya said she and Shaq should vote for Kai and Sanam, purely because they hadn’t been together as long as some other couples, and they had never argued.

In an interview since leaving, Kai and Sanam had the final laugh and joked about having gone on to win the whole show, with Kai saying he’s “disregarded” everything Tanya’s ever said about them as a couple. Kai also follows all of his fellow Love Island 2023 finalists, apart from Tanya. He’s followed Shaq, so there’s clearly no problems here, but Tanya hasn’t made the cut.

Maxwell has stood by calling Jessie fake

In the villa this year, it seemed like the word “fake” got thrown around a lot, and left everyone accused of being it enraged. It all got very tense when farmer Will heard his girlfriend Jessie was being accused of fake feelings towards him by Olivia, Lana, Casey, and Maxwell.

Maxwell sticks by what he said, and in an interview with The Tab said how they all discussed things “represented what happened quite well.”

The Tanya, Martin and Shaq feud continued outside the villa

Love Island 2023 cast still beefing

via ITV

Following the reunion show, it was very clear the beef between Tanya, Shaq and Martin has continued outside the villa. There was a big triangle between the three of them on the show, when Tanya brought Martin back from Casa, only to dump him and say she still wanted Shaq. Then, after he was dumped, Martin went on a podcast and said some pretty gross things about Tanya.

In the podcast Martin alleges he told Shaq on movie night: “On the outside world I would be f*cking your girl in ways you can’t imagine.” Martin said he made “four points” to Shaq on that night in the villa, another being that Tanya said she didn’t love him.

Now, on Instagram, neither Tanya or Shaq follow Martin, and Martin doesn’t follow them either.

Tanyel said she thinks Jessie is a ‘game player’ on a podcast, and now they don’t follow each other Instagram

Love Island 2023 cast still beefing

via ITV

There’s obviously no budding friendship between Tanyel and Jessie on the cards, as neither of the girls follow each other on Insta. After Tanyel was dumped, she went on a podcast and accused Jessie of “playing a game”.

She said Jessie was the type to tell the other girls it wasn’t acceptable for a man to do you wrong, but when Will kissed Layla in Casa Amor, she took him back. Tanyel said this proves Jessie is a game player.

Tanyel also has beef with Shaq, Tanya and Olivia

After the show, Anna-May said fellow Islander Tanyel came out the villa and said she doesn’t like Shaq and Tanya, or Olivia. She clearly wasn’t lying, because Tanyel doesn’t follow Shaq, Tanya or Olivia on Instagram now, and they don’t follow her.

Anna-May has said there’s a ‘divide’ in the WhatsApp group

Dumped Islander Anna-May has said there is a “divide” in the Islanders’ WhatsApp group, and hardly anyone talks in it. She told The Mirror: “We do have a WhatsApp group but it’s not really been going off very much. Everybody’s kind of gone their separate ways already – or maybe there’s a divide.”

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