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Bre Tiesi is back at Selling Sunset and The Oppenheim Group

After all that talk, Bre says she’s coming back to Selling Sunset and The Oppenheim Group

The money couldn’t keep her away for that long

The latest season of Selling Sunset appeared to end with Bre Tiesi turning her back on The Oppenheim Group as she walked out of an office chat with Jason over pay and seemed to quit her job. However now she’s confirmed that was all a bad mistake, and she’s coming back. Sure.

Bre previously said she was “taking a break” from the office and the show, because she felt “under attack” from her fellow cast members, and wasn’t happy about the split in commission from houses between the business and her as a real estate agent.

“I’m definitely taking a break from The O Group,” she said at the time. “I think that I bring a lot of value, and I just had a baby, and there’s a lot of things happening there that I don’t really care to deal with, nor should I need to deal with. I think that at this point, I’m just reevaluating, and I’m going to take a step back and see how I feel after I have a little time.”

She added her co-stars on the Netflix series had “crossed a line” when discussing her relationship with Nick Cannon, and added: “I’m under attack 24/7”. She then said she hadn’t been working much such filming for the most recent season ended, and had decided she needed “more therapy” before returning to The Oppenheim Group.

But that must have all passed, because it’s been reported she’s been spotted back at work and has put that all behind her. TMZ has reported one if its paparazzi caught her on the way into The Oppenheim Group office, and asked her if she had returned to work, and the show.

She told the photographer “maybe the money’s a little different” and also said she didn’t want to leave the rest of the ladies on the Selling Sunset cast. She was pictured on set for the show, so it’s looking pretty much confirmed that she’ll be back on the next season.


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