Laura claims Arthur dated people whilst applying for MAFS, and explains last night’s anger

She’s accused him of changing his story and not being ‘in it’ as much as her

Last night on MAFS was a big night to be Arthur and Laura. Their marriage was again pushed to its limits, and tensions were running high as the dinner party got into full swing.

During the final dinner party ahead of the couples making the big decisions about where their relationships will end up, Georges suggested the group play a game and one of the lines of questioning was asking each other when they last went on a date before the experiment.

Arthur revealed he’d been on a date just a week before the show, which obviously didn’t go down too well with wife Laura. “I’m furious,” she said. Then later, Laura and Arthur were voted the most likely couple to last no more than five minutes.

Since then, Laura has posted a statement on Instagram to clarify where her anger stemmed from. She explained that the application process for MAFS takes a long time, so Arthur’s revelation has left her questioning if he was taking it seriously, and if he was dating people whilst he was applying for the show.

Laura and Arthur on MAFS last night, Married at First Sight UK 2023

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In a string of posts, Laura started by joking that Arthur had changed his story regarding his last date ahead of the show. Sharing a screenshot of when Arthur said it was a week prior to the weddings, Laura added: “First he said one week, then it was two weeks, then Arthur said a few weeks. Which one was it? Just some back peddling across Europe going on here.”

She then explained her anger further, and said it’s because she felt Arthur was “less in it” than she was, and had been dating people knowing he was going on MAFS.

“Guys to be completely clear, the reason I was upset that Arthur said he’d had a date a week prior to the wedding is because the process takes so long,” she said. “You sign up and you commit to this experiment weeks beforehand. I worried that he wasn’t taking it seriously. Marriage is important and going on a date a week before made me wonder if he was ‘in it’ as much as I was.

“I was in no way upset that he dated someone prior to knowing me. Everyone has a past, it’s just the commitment to this experiment I was worried about.”

She then further hinted Arthur had been dating people whilst being part of the show, and added: “For those asking, the back story filming are filmed about a month prior to the wedding so… yeah.”

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