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Say hello to Joel: The DJ and model who has just joined Made in Chelsea

Excuse me whilst I die over these vibes

The new season of Made in Chelsea has just kicked off, and we’re already seeing a whole bunch of new faces joining the cast. Digby is dating someone new, and now Robbie has brought his new boyfriend into the Made in Chelsea world: Meet Joel.

Joel is a model, and joins the show out for drinks with some of the cast. He brings a splash of northern to the London scene and honestly looks like a breath of fresh air for the show. Here’s everything you need to know about Made in Chelsea newbie Joel Mignott, and a pre-warning: You need to be ready for the serious vibes that radiate from him.

Everything you need to know about Joel Mignott from Made in Chelsea

via E4

Joel has just joined the Made in Chelsea cast, and is a model and DJ from Yorkshire

Joel is 26 and from Leeds, but is currently living in London. He works as a DJ and model, having started modelling aged 17. On Made in Chelsea, Joel says he has just moved back to the UK after living in LA – and it looks like he moved back from the States in 2020. He had been there shooting and DJing.

Joel’s career looks impressive – he’s done catwalks, including walking for The Blonds in New York, and has done shoots all across the world, including in Portugal, Germany and the US. He’s currently signed to Named Models, an agency in London. Joel’s Instagram also has a link to his Soundcloud, which features him playing a set for Ministry of Pride 2022 in February.

via Instagram @joelmignott

Joel is dating fellow Made in Chelsea cast member Robbie

Joel is introduced to the show as dating fellow cast member, Robbie Mullet. Robbie joined the show last year and was introduced as being best friends with Paris Smith. Robbie is a law student in London, and on the show alongside Joel, the couple say they’ve already told one another they love each other. Joel says Robbie cried when he said to him and at this point, I already love them too.

Joel and Robbie met at a club in London and Robbie describes Joel as a “party animal” but says he calms him down in their relationship.

Everything you need to know about Joel Mignott from Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @joelmignott

Joel went to university in Leeds

Joel studied fine arts at Leeds Arts University. He shares a lot of his art on Instagram, including graphic style canvas pieces that he has created.

via Instagram @joelmignott

He has 26.3k Instagram followers

Right now, Joel has 26.3k followers on Instagram and his account is nothing short of beautiful. Think perfect selfies, modelling snaps and outfit pictures to die for. All that’s missing are some cute pics with Robbie. Joel’s handle is @joelmignott.

Everything you need to know about Joel Mignott from Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @joelmignott

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