Why Love Island stars Molly and Callum split up

Wait, so why did Love Island’s Callum and Molly split up?

They were together for over three years!

Love Island: All Stars had us all collectively gasping last night when the show’s first twist was revealed. Winter Islander Callum Jones was the first bombshell, and he was given the chance to steal one of the coupled up girls. But if he didn’t want to, he could couple up with a different bombshell… his ex… Molly Smith. So, this has a lot of people wondering what went down between Molly and Callum after Love Island, and why their relationship ended in a split.

Molly and Callum met in South Africa in 2020, when the show first had a winter series. They got together during Casa Amor, and left the villa together.

However, over three years later in September 2023, it was announced the couple had broken up. A source said it was because Molly had wanted to get engaged, but Callum hadn’t proposed. Callum moved out of the home they were living in together, and Molly took custody of one of their dogs, whilst Callum took the other with him.

A source told The Sun: “It’s really sad as they were a sweet couple together but it’s over – and has been for a few weeks. They’re trying to stay friends – they were together for over three years – but it’s difficult. I think in the end, Molly wanted to get engaged and that didn’t happen.

“Everyone was really surprised when they split as they were perfectly matched. He’s now moved out of the home they shared and they’ve split custody of their two dogs.”

The couple never publicly commented on the split, but in a TikTok Molly seemed to confirm she was fine. In the video, captioned “Don’t you worry”, Molly lip-synced the viral audio which says: “Right now I’m not depressed, I’m just having a little break from slaying. I’m just having a little break from slaying and then I’m going to go back to slaying soon. So don’t you worry.”

Will All Stars see them rekindle things?

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