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People have spotted three huge but hilarious editing errors in Outer Banks season three

I can’t believe these made it to the final cut

People on TikTok have pointed out three huge editing errors in season three of Outer Banks on Netflix, and honestly, they’re hilarious.

The videos have had millions of views, and point out some hilariously dodgy production moments involving stunt doubles and sound effects in the new episodes of the show.

The first moment people have noticed comes in episode two of season three, when Kiara and Rafe are trying to escape Carlos Singh’s mansion together. We see them running out the door and jumping onto the back of a truck, but wait, do we? Who are these people we are watching? It sure as hell isn’t Rafe and Kiara.


Outer Banks editors need to be fired #stuntdoublesbelike #epicfail #obx #fyp #netflix #rafecameron #johnb #kiararafe

♬ Oh my god what is that – vezeliteapparel

A post of the video on TikTok, which has since had over 30million views, has the caption: “Outer Banks editors need to be fired”. People in the comments are obviously laughing along, with one saying: “I can’t stop watching this, I swear it was her.” Another added: “WHO IS DAT MAN”. Feels, honestly.

And then remember that scene where the Pogues headed to the house of the guy who rescued them in the plane? When JJ was bitten by a crab on the lawn? But did you notice the NOISE the crab made? An actual chomp. Sure.


Crab is a munch fr #outerbanksseason3 #obx3

♬ original sound – Blank

Someone on TikTok has pointed out this very un-crablike sound is the first sound effect that comes up when you search “Munch / bite sound effect.” This video has had 8million views.

That’s not all! The editing errors in Outer Banks season three just keep coming, and this last one has had a further 6million views on TikTok. It shows some dodgy stunt doubles again, and this time it’s when Kiara was riding on the back of the motorcycle with JJ.

JJ looks like a Sims character I’m so confused? “They aren’t even trying to hide the stunt doubles anymore,” one person said in the comments. Yikes.

Season three of Outer Banks is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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