All the Love Island cast members who have surprising royal family connections

Ummm, this is wild?!

The Islanders are connected in all the right places, and over the years there have been a number of Love Island cast members who have shock connections to the actual royal family.

Yep, Love Island producers manage to always dig out wannabe influencers, who seem to have met each other before the villa, or hang out with previous Islanders on the regular – but they also brush shoulders with the upper classes, like that’s the norm.

Here is a rundown of all the Love Island cast members who have had connections to the royal family.

Camilla Thurlow

Love Island cast members who have connections to the UK royal family

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Camilla Thurlow is probably the Islander with the most well known connection to the royals. When she was on the show in 2017, it was revealed she used to date Prince Harry himself. She was pretty coy about their relationship on the show, telling everyone “a lady never tells.”

She’s now married to Calvin Klein model Jamie Jewitt, who she met on the show, so she’s never not been winning.

Aaron Francis

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Aaron from the 2021 series is fairly posh. I mean, his cousin is literally Hugo Taylor from MIC, who has loads of royal connections himself. Before his time in the villa, Aaron worked as a luxury events and party host, and his jobs have included working at the weddings of both Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

He met loads of royals at these events, naturally, and said: “I hosted and chatted. It was nice and intimate. Everyone’s chill.”

Teddy Soares

Love Island cast members who have connections to the UK royal family

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Ummm, did anyone else completely forget that when Teddy was in the villa he said he’s a PRINCE?! In an episode of Unseen Bits, Teddy said he was once technically a prince of Nigeria’s Delta State until his grandfather’s death took away the connection. Shook!

AJ Bunker

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AJ from the 2021 also has royal connections, this time in her family. Her brother Tom attended Prince Phillip’s funeral as a Lance Bombardier in the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

According to The Sun, in 2012, AJ’s brother was one of the King’s Troop Royal Artillery members instructed to fire the processional minute gun at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Abi Moores

Love Island cast members who have connections to the UK royal family

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When Abi entered Casa Amor 2023, one of the first things she said about herself was casually dropping that she used to hang out with Harry and Wills, so blasé that she didn’t even think anything of it at the time.

“I had horses. I used to live in Sandhurst, where the Royal Military Academy is,” she told Mitch. “I used to keep my horse there and when I was younger, I didn’t know this was weird but Prince Harry and Prince William would be there. I literally had no clue that people didn’t know them too.”

She also said she “knew” the Queen, like that’s completely run of the mill stuff, too.

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