Three months on, which MAFS UK 2023 couples are still together?

It’s been messy!

It’s finally time for a catch up with the MAFS UK 2023 cast, as the bonus reunion is upon us and we’ll get to see which couples are still together, and any drama that happened straight after the show.

However, the extra reunion episode was filmed all the way back in November, just as the series came to an end on E4, so even since then a lot has happened. The reunion isn’t enough to give us a to-the-day update on the cast, so don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Here’s a rundown of which MAFS UK 2023 couples are still together following the experiment.

Erica and Jordan – Still together

After the show came to and end, Erica and Jordan were the first couple to confirm they are still going strong. Since then, they’ve been thriving. They’ve been talking moving in together, and still go live on Instagram and TikTok almost daily.

They had a cute Valentine’s Day date to the cinema, and have been on wholesome staycations and trips away together since the show.

Tasha and Paul – Still together

After the show, Tasha and Paul confirmed they are still together, but since then haven’t really given much of an update as to what they’re up to. The pair are still together now, but still don’t post very much about their relationship. They have posted a couple of cute selfies, one over the Valentine’s weekend with the caption: “A wholesome weekend celebrating Valentine’s”.

Peggy and Georges – Broken up

Which MAFS UK 2023 couples are still together, Married at First Sight

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Peggy and Georges have become the first couple who left the experiment married to have called time on their relationship. At first they posted to say they were both “heartbroken” over the split, but since then it’s broken down into a back and forth of them going to the tabloids to talk about one another.

Peggy accused Georges of cheating, which he denied, and Georges said Peggy blindsided him, which she branded as “rubbish.” The full breakup has been very, very messy.

Shona and Matt – Still together

Matt was matched with and married Adrienne on the show this year, who together made it to the final vows, but in the reunion announced their differences had become too much. Shona was with Brad, who was made to leave the experiment because of his behaviour. At the reunion Matt and Shona met, and the couple had been secretly dating for months whilst the show was on TV.

After the show aired they were able to go public, and have been together ever since. They have said they are already planning to get married, and also said they are looking to start a family in the “next few years”.

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