An awkward spelling error has been spotted on one of the signs in the Love Island villa

ITV spent £1.2million renovating the villa, but missed this?!

People have spotted that in one of the oh so so many signs they stick around the Love Island villa, there is a huge spelling error. Yes, really. Not only has nobody spotted the glaringly obvious error, but the meaning of the word they’ve accidentally plastered across our screens is very different to what was intended.

The sign has been spotted behind the girls when they’ve been sitting in the villa and getting ready for the evenings, and looks like it might have been in their bedroom when they stayed in Casa Amor.

Someone posted the error on Twitter and said: “Love Island has a sign that says impluse instead of impulse on the wall and it is enraging me beyond belief.” Another person on Reddit said: “What is written on the wall? Impluse??”

Spelling error spotted in sign in Love Island 2023 villa

via ITV

Ahead of the series, it was reported ITV had spent £1.2million renovating the South Africa villas for the winter Islanders, but clearly none of that budget extended to getting a spell-checker in. Awkward.

And, do you want to know what makes it even more awkward? Someone on Reddit has so kindly pointed out to us all that “pluse” means something a LOT different to the intended “pulse.” According to Urban Dictionary, pluse means to “refer to an individual as to say that their pussy (vagina) is loose.” Not this being all over the girls’ bedroom walls. Yiiiiiiiiikes.

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