Love Island stars Kady McDermott and Adam Collard

Kady was meant to return to Love Island last year, but Adam was sent to rattle the boys instead

Kady says two days before she was due to fly to the villa in 2022, she was told Adam was going

Kady McDermott has revealed things could have been very different, as she was asked to make her big bombshell return to Love Island last year, but last minute Adam Collard was sent instead.

Last year one of the biggest moments of the show was when Adam Collard returned as a bombshell, and Kady has said that was a very quick call made by the producers, as she was also invited to return then, too.

In a podcast interview which has been shared to TikTok, Kady explained the “narrative” of the 2022 Love Island series changed, so the producers made the decision to send Adam into the villa instead, because they thought sending in a boy would cause more drama. Instead, Kady was then asked to return as a bombshell this year.

“So I got asked to go back last year instead of Adam Collard,” she said. “But about two days before I was meant to fly out they basically said that the narrative had changed and we need a boy. So I was like, ‘ok, it is what it is’.”

She said because of this she had a feeling the producers would reach out and ask her to join the show again. “I literally had like four or five days to pack and leave from them calling me,” she said about being asked to join the 2023 series. “I just thought, who gets to do it once let alone twice?! I’m going to be 30 in a couple of years so just do it, why not?”

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