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‘I feel bad for her’: Georges defends Peggy and her actions during their MAFS relationship

‘The viewers don’t get to see how lovely she is’

The last few episodes of Married at First Sight have been a tough watch for fans of Georges and Peggy. We’ve seen Peggy still failing to get her head around Georges’ squatting videos, and then ultimately saying “leave” at the most recent commitment ceremony. But, in a chat with The Tab, Georges defends Peggy and her actions throughout the MAFS experiment.

He said that despite what is being said and shown about her, Peggy is a lovely person. After the show this week, Peggy has been accused of gaslighting Georges, and people have called her out for constantly digging at his character, and calling his videos “weird” and “humiliating”.

Georges and Peggy on MAFS, Married at First Sight UK 2023

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Speaking to The Tab, Georges admitted watching these scenes back on the show has been harder than he thought it would be. He said: “Maybe I was hypnotised by the fun I had with Peggy. [Viewers] haven’t really seen the fun we had. The things that you guys don’t see are that, for the first four weeks, every night when we went to bed we’d be giggling for like an hour. Laughing our heads off at random stuff.”

Georges added he “feels bad” for Peggy for the way she’s being shown on MAFS, and has defended her actions on the show. “Yeah, it’s how she acted,” he told The Tab. “I cant deny that. That’s how she was. But, it’s such a raw version of it. The viewers don’t get to see how lovely she is.

“You just see that she didn’t compromise at the start and she was very strict with her morals and her views and the way she did things. Which she is fully entitled to – people can slate her and say what they want, but actually, just because she has different ways of doing things that doesn’t make her a bad person.”

Georges added that there were fundamental parts of their ways of life which made them different, and potentially caused the clashes they had on the show. He said he as a person doesn’t take himself too seriously, whereas Peggy was “used to working in an environment where things were super serious”.

After Peggy voted leave, the couple were still under experiment rules made to stay and work on their marriage. Only time will now tell if they can make it work.

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