Love Island All Stars gossip column 2024

Another ex enters the villa TONIGHT?! Plus Luis branded ‘aggressive’ by series one Islander

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Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2024 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

The winner of Love Island series one has called Luis ‘aggressive’ and said he shouldn’t be in the All Stars villa

Jess Hayes, who won Love Island’s first series, has called Luis “aggressive” as she shares more about what he was like in the villa the first time around. During All Stars we’ve seen Luis lose his chill with Mitch, and since the show has been airing the mothers of Luis’ children have spoken out about him, branding him “toxic” and “absent” as a father.

Now, Jess has said the boys on her season were “aggressive” towards women, and said Luis shouldn’t have been given the chance to go on the show again.

Love Island All Stars gossip column 2024

via ITV

In the summer of 2015, arguments broke out with Luis and new All Stars bombshell Josh, when Jess heard the boys saying they were “lowering their standards” for the girls. At the time, Luis stormed into the dressing room of the villa and shouted: “Listen if you’ve got something to say, say it to our faces. Don’t fucking come up here chatting fucking shit.”

Jess told Cracking On with The Sun: “I remember that argument so well, and it was directly at me. I remember them getting so aggressive. It wasn’t right how they spoke to the women in the villa and it’s been years since people have started to think ‘oh my god, that was really bad how Jess was treated’.

“The way I got treated as a woman in there was poor from some of those guys I must admit because I didn’t see it happen in any of the other series. I just don’t think we should be glorifying people like Louis.”

ITV has confirmed extensive background checks are carried out on all cast members to check if they are suitable for the villa.

Umm, are Teddy and Faye going to be entering the villa?!

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People are convinced Teddy and Faye are going to be the next Love Island exes reuniting in the All Stars villa. It’s definitely a tactic the producers are using a lot for this season, and with Liberty and Jake falling apart and Jake leaving, do the producers need a backup to keep the ex drama rife?

Teddy has just broken up with Irish model and actress Casey Boonstra, and Faye was previously reported as being “in advanced talks” with the show to be a bombshell. Soooo, is it happening?!

A couple of past Islanders posted saying they were travelling to South Africa this weekend

It looks like we have new bombshells on our hands! This weekend, two previous Islanders posted about flying off to South Africa. Firstly 2022’s Jacques posted a picture of himself on a plane with the South Africa flag emoji over it, and then 2019 bombshell India Reynolds also posted to say she was jetting there.

Whilst ITV obviously hasn’t confirmed, this is a pretty big clue?!

Maya Jama has been given a Love Island ‘ban’ after she ‘humiliated ITV’ in previous seasons

Love Island All Stars gossip column 2024

via ITV

Maya Jama has been handed a “ban” by Love Island, after reportedly “humiliating” ITV in previous seasons. Yikes. If you’re wondering what this story is all about, basically ITV has apparently said she’s banned from flying out to the villa as much, because the show was mortified by how many air miles she and her glam squad were stacking up.

A source told the Daily Mail: “ITV was mortified when it became apparent Maya had been jetting across the globe with her hairdresser, make-up artist and stylist. This year there is no chance of her being able to go anywhere.”

A spokesperson for ITV told Metro: “Love Island aims to achieve the highest standards of sustainability both on and off screen and our efforts have been recognised by achieving Bafta’s ‘Albert Certification’ standard, which is a requirement for all ITV shows.

“We are entirely committed to tackling climate change and championing sustainability, and we always seek to influence our audience on how to live life in a sustainable way, through initiatives such as our pre-loved fashion partnership and reusable water bottles. Additionally, this series, the Love Island Villa location generates its own electricity via solar panels and wherever possible we use local crews and local suppliers to lower our carbon footprint.”

Things just don’t add up with new bombshell Arabella Chi

Arabella has just entered the villa as a bombshell, and the first thing she announced was that she had history with Toby, which dates back to a year and a half ago. Of course, everyone was very confused by this comment, as Toby only broke up with Love Island ex Chloe Burrows just over a year ago.

“When did Toby and Chloe break up for him to have this fling with Arabella,” one person on Twitter said. Another added: “They actually need to send Chloe Burrows in to clear up this Chloe, Georgia and Arabella timeline.” Here’s the full timeline of what’s gone on.

Another ex enters the villa TONIGHT and there’s another twist, too!

via ITV

Tonight’s show looks like a wild one, as it appears another ex is set to enter the villa. Maya makes an epic return with not one but two announcements for the stunned Islanders.

As she struts into the villa, Maya says: “Hello you gorgeous lot. Can I get you all by the firepit please…come on!” Maya has news for one Islander in particular as she continues: “Arabella, you now have a very important decision to make. You can now steal anyone of the boys in front of you…but, before you steal, let’s add one more bombshell into the mix.”

Arabella says: “Oh my God…this is nuts”. Liberty gasps: “What the hell.” Georgia S asks: “Who is it?” The Islanders are caught completely off guard as a new bombshell enters the villa reuniting with a former flame. That’s not all Maya has in store as another revelation sends shockwaves throughout the villa.

What is going on?!

Also in the preview for tonight’s show, Georgia Steel cracks on with Callum

Love Island All Stars gossip column 2024

via ITV

Also in the show tonight, a new romance could be on the cards for Georgia Steel and Callum. With exes Callum and Molly keeping their options open, Callum seizes the opportunity to explore a connection with Georgia S.

As night falls they go for a chat in the garden, and Georgia says: “You seem happy, that’s nice.” Callum says: “I’ve actually got a genuine excitement to get to know you…even though I’ve been chatting to you every now and then and you get the excitement…I genuinely have that feeling when I speak to you.”

As they continue to explore their connection, what’s in store for Callum and Georgia S?

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