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PrettyLittleThing has a uni room essentials list and it’s as basic as you’d imagine

Is it even Freshers’ Week until you’ve whacked out the all-pink version of Ring of Fire?

Every year John Lewis will release a uni essentials list full of posh things that no fresher realistically needs in their life – but now fast fashion brand PrettyLittleThing is capitalising on this too, of course!

I have no words other than “random” to describe the collection of things PrettyLittleThing has branded as uni room essentials. It goes from cute bedding and cushions to strange varieties of drinking games and literally nothing in between. According to PLT, all you need at uni is a notepad, some cushions and a pink set of Ring of Fire and you’re all set.

The range kicks off quite normally, with a few cute bedding bits to chose from. There’s also a hot water bottle in there, which to be fair is very essential, and a mug. But the mug does say “mum” on it, which I’m a bit confused about?

You also very much NEED a giant hand warmer with a badger’s head on it (£10) and a set of slippers that also double up as a mop (£7) for all the unidentified crumbs on your shared kitchen floor. Those crispy floor bits could have been there for years, and you’re happy to never find out that information.

There are also a few other little bits for around your room that are very PLT. There’s an “everything” journal, a phone holder so you can have your phone upright on your desk and record TikToks (essential) and some stick on LED lights for your mirror – if your uni room comes with one.

There are also a couple of water bottles and a weird rainbow reflective glass bear ornament, which I couldn’t tell you the purpose of at all. He’s only £13 in the sale, though! Don’t forget to bag yourself a bathmat emblazoned with “take it off” across – it’s reduced from £12 to £11 – proper bargain.

Then everything gets a little bit more rogue, because all the other items are drinking games. You need nothing else. There’s a dart throwing drinking game, where you literally have a huge board which you throw a dart at, some shot glasses, and when you throw the dart the options on the board are things like “full shot” or “pass”.

Other drinking games include a card game of dares which include “lick someone’s foot two times”, a “croc” drinking game which looks like some sort of Hungry Hippos meets alcohol sort of deal, Jenga with alcohol dares on the stacks, and an all-pink version of Ring of Fire.

If you need more, shop the full uni room essentials list on the PrettyLittleThing website here.

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