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Love Island 2023 boy couple up with quiz

Which Love Island 2023 boy would you couple up with? Take this quiz to find out

Pls not Mitch

Look, Love Island 2023 is on so it’s only right you take a silly little quiz to tell you which silly little boy in the villa you’d couple up with. If asked which boy you’d like to couple up with, the answer would probably be none of them, but we’re here anyway.

There are a variety of different characters in the villa this series. We’ve got the lot: From messy Mitch who will keep you on your toes by probably proposing one day and dumping you the next, to the other end of the spectrum with someone like Lochan, who is kind, caring and clearly in this for the long run.

Then we have all the boys in between: You’ve got Tyrique and his stubborn ways but puppy-dog eyes, Scott who will never show you any affection, Sammy who’ll be funny but will never actually tell you he likes you, and someone like Zach who will be so chilled you’ll probably forget you’re even in a relationship.

But, you can only truly match with one boy from Love Island 2023 – and this quiz is about to tell you exactly who. Good luck and I hope you get who you hope for!

Take this quiz to see which boy from Love Island 2023 you would couple up with:

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