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The Program: So, where is Ivy Ridge and WWASP director Narvin Lichfield now?

Apart from not realising he’s being filmed by Netflix doing karaoke with his ex-pupils

Narvin Lichfield finds himself at the centre of the third episode of new Netflix documentary The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping. He is the brother of the founder of WWASP, the company behind so-called troubled teen schools like Ivy Ridge.

The Netflix documentary follows former pupils of Ivy Ridge, where parents would send their “troubled” children under the promise they would experience therapy, sports and education, with the aim of changing their behaviours, and solving problems within the family. However, what they were actually met by was emotional and physical abuse, solitary confinement, and being treated like a prisoner.

The three-part series ends by making it look like Narvin Lichfield is still operating places like Ivy Ridge, is making loads of money, and living a life of wealth, fun, and going to bars every evening. So, what actually is he up to now?

Narvin Lichfield, The Program Netflix

via Netflix

What did Narvin Lichfield do for WWASP and at Ivy Ridge?

Narvin Lichfield is the brother of Robert Lichfield, who is the founder of WWASP – the parent company responsible for schools such as Ivy Ridge. In the Netflix doc, Narvin Lichfield is introduced as being the owner and director of multiple programmes run by WWASP.

He previously worked as a car salesman, but joined his brother’s success in the multibillion dollar “troubled teen” industry. Soon after he joined the business, Narvin started taking his family on lavish holidays, and their quality of life increased dramatically.

Narvin previously helped with marketing materials, PR, admissions, and similar parts of the WWASP organisation. He then went on to open up some schools, including one in Costa Rica. The Costa Rica school was only open for a few months before authorities found out about pupil abuse and Narvin Lichfield was arrested.

According to reports at the time, Narvin was jailed on a charge of depriving the children of their civil liberties. The school was shut down, but just months later Narvin was back creating new facilities.

Narvin Lichfield, The Program Netflix

via Netflix

Where is Narvin Lichfield now?

Narvin’s son is interviewed by Katherine Kubler, a survivor from Ivy Ridge, in the Netflix documentary, and says he is still operating his businesses today. He lives with his wife Suzette Jettaun Lichfield, and has a large family with four kids and five step-kids.

As said in the Netflix doc, Narvin is indeed very active on social media. His Facebook page, under the name “Marvin Browning Lichfield” posts every single day, and on there, Narvin has said he is currently working as a consultant at a “teen recovery” business, and living in Utah.

His Instagram account is under the same name, and is currently set to private. His bio on there says: “I am a father and a friend to all I love the gospel of Jesus Christ restored 1820 to the boy Prophet Joseph Smith it is all I am and hope to be.. I hope.”

According to WWASP Survivors, Narvin has been convicted of poaching five times, following reports of illegal deer hunting.

If his YouTube videos are anything to go by, Narvin Lichfield is doing just fine now:

Yes, the videos in the Netflix doc of him dancing like he doesn’t have a care in the world are very much real. He probably still goes to karaoke every Wednesday night, too.

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