All the loved up pics of the MAFS UK 2023 cast who are still together since the show

Every night is date night

It might feel like only yesterday we were tuning in every night to watch Married at First Sight, but it’s actually now been over a month since the couples were on our screens. And now they’re free to do and share what they like on Instagram, they’ve been posting loads of cute pics since MAFS UK 2023, showing that they’re still together.

At the end of the experiment, it was revealed Erica and Jordan, Peggy and Georges, and Tasha and Paul had made it last in their marriages, and they’ve all since posted on socials about their lives now. From cute date nights over dinner to couple selfies and pap pictures, they’ve been keeping us posted with married life.

Here is a collection of the cutest pics posted by all the MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together since the experiment came to an end.

1. Erica and Jordan at Winter Wonderland

2. ‘My better half’ 🥺

3. Erica and Jordan shared loads of pics after announcing they are still together following MAFS UK 2023

4. Peggy and Georges also posted to confirm they’re still together

Pics of MAFS UK 2023 couples still together

via Instagram

5. Date night!

Pics of MAFS UK 2023 couples still together

via Instagram

6. The first pap picture!

7. Obsessed with the ‘Team Geggy’ Instagram page

8. They look so cute!

Pics of MAFS UK 2023 couples still together

via Instagram

9. Peggy and Georges at the PLT Christmas party

10. I’m throwing in one of Rozz and Thomas because I’m sure they’ve got back together, ok?!

I’m obsessed!

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