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New bombshell Casey ‘hooked up’ with Georgia H before All Stars – here’s what went down

Yes, more Islanders with history together!

Another pair of bombshells have just been revealed for All Stars, and guess what, one has history with someone else who’s already in the villa. Shock! Yep, Casey is about to walk in, and before Love Island he had a thing with Georgia Harrison.

It’s soon becoming an every day tactic used by the All Stars producers, as they’ve thrown in a few actual exes to the villa, as well as loads of Islanders who have slight history, or briefly dated in the past.

Just last year, Georgia and Casey were thought to be in a brief situation, not long after he left the Love Island 2023 villa. Here’s what we know.

So, what went down between Casey and Georgia H before Love Island: All Stars?

Georgia and Casey before Love Island: All Stars

via Instagram

Georgia and Casey have hooked up before Love Island All Stars, and were pictured leaving the launch party of BOHA – the London bar and restaurant by Harvey from Made in Chelsea – in September last year. They were seen chatting and laughing outside the venue, before getting very close and leaving in a taxi home together.

An insider told The Sun: “Georgia was really keen on Casey and liked him a lot, he’s just her type – a cheeky chappy with a great body and sense of humour. But Casey has really enjoyed the high life since Love Island and wanted to stay single so they kept things casual. It’ll definitely spark fireworks for Georgia. He was the one that got away.”

Speaking of their relationship ahead of going into the villa, Casey said: “I know her and we have had a good time together. It’ll be interesting to see if it can develop in any way.”

On the show Casey has spoken to Georgia about where it all went wrong between them. Casey said: “Obviously it didn’t end great. I was blocked on Instagram for a bit.” Georgia replied: “Well, that was a couple of weeks after you started ghosting me to be fair. You acted like you really cared about me during the time we did speak…you always said you really liked me.”

Casey: “I did really like you, I really cared about you…” Georgia H: “It was after my birthday, I thought you might make an effort but you didn’t…”

Casey is best friends with fellow winter and All Stars Islander Tom Clare, but has said ahead of entering the villa he’s got his eyes on the same girl as his friend!

Casey said: “I didn’t find love the first time round so I’m hoping it will be second time lucky. I had the most amazing experience before, so get me back in that villa. I’ve got my eyes on Molly, for sure. I genuinely think she is a 10 out of 10. She seems to have the same interests as me in terms of fitness, but it might be a bit of a hurdle.”

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