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Black Mirror quiz to match the description to the episode

Can you match the Black Mirror episode to its description? Take this quiz to find out

These plots will stay with me for LIFE

There really is no other show like Black Mirror. The combination of how it’s so ridiculous and horrific at some points, but somehow also manages to be creepily realistic is genius. The plots of the episodes really do stick with you, but this Black Mirror description quiz is going to test your knowledge once and for all.

You might think the storylines are etched on your brain so hard you could be an extra in The Entire History of You, but do you really remember exactly which episode had each obscure title? Do you know your USS Callister from your Crocodile? Your Hang the DJ from your Shut Up and Dance? How about your White Christmas from your White Bear?

In the quiz below you’ll be presented with the Netflix synopsis description for a whole bunch of Black Mirror episodes, across all seasons. All you have to do is match the plot to the right episode title. Does that sound easy? Well let’s see if it really is. Good luck!

Take this quiz to see if you can match the Black Mirror episode to its description:

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