Buckle up, this test will accurately tell you if your relationship is healthy or not

I’m not sure if I’m ready to find out

Hold on tight because a full, scientific question and answer quiz has been created so you can put your relationship to the test and ultimately find out if it’s actually healthy or not. IDRLabs has created the questionnaire, which was put together by people who work professionally in psychology and human research.

Whilst no relationship is perfect, I’m sure you’ve thought at least once when you watch dating shows such as MAFS or Love Island if yours is healthy or not. Dating experts telling us what’s right or wrong are everywhere.

Do you really communicate well enough? Could you be doing more? Well, now is the time to finally find out.


how healthy is your relationship quiz test

via IDRLabs

Here’s how you take the test to see if your relationship is healthy or not

• Head over to the IDRLabs website here, where the healthy relationship test is.

• You’ll then be asked 40 super-quick questions about your relationship, to which you answer on a scale of how much you “agree” or “disagree” with the statement being made. Questions involve topics such as how much you argue and what over, how you communicate with your significant other and what your values are with one another.

• At the end, you are presented with an overall chart for how healthy – or unhealthy – your relationship is. It scores you on qualitities such as your communication, teamwork, empathy and trust. The chart lets you see which parts of your relationship are strong, and which points could probably do with some work.

• You will also be presented with an overall percentage score for how healthy your relationship truly is. The site then breaks down what each of the categories mean, and how they affect your relationship.

• Take the healthy relationship test here.

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